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Multiple users – Frequently asked questions about AccountRight Live

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Multiple users – Frequently asked questions about AccountRight Live

AccountRight Live is a cloud accounting service that's the first of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. Available across AccountRight Basics, Standard and Plus, AccountRight Live gives you one set of accounts that can be accessed by multiple users from the cloud or the desktop. This means you can collaborate and share files with colleagues, accountants and bookkeepers, whether they're sitting right alongside you or are half way around the world.



  • Why do I need multi-user file sharing and collaboration?

You may need multiple users simultaneously accessing data for many reasons. For example, as your business expands you may need more than one employee working on your accounts; or your business may have multiple locations with team members needing to access the same data wherever they are. You or some of your employees may be working from home, while other users are accessing the same data from their office.


  • What are the benefits of online collaboration?

A company file hosted with AccountRight Live can be accessed by authorised users simultaneously from anywhere. For example, while sales are entered at the business end, the bookkeeper can reconcile bank accounts from their location and the accountant can check financial reports in their office. Anything entered is synced together and kept up-to-date for everyone using the file. This eliminates the need to set up ‘remote access’ to the company file for anyone off-site, or for copies of the file to be sent out for changes and manually synced later; both have potential security risks and cost more time and money.


AccountRight Live removes the need to carry data. With your data accessible online, there's no risk of overwriting the wrong file and no uncertainty about the latest version. Better still, there's no need to carry data on a memory stick, so you can work anywhere, anytime.


  • How can multi-user collaboration benefit my business?

AccountRight Live's multi-user collaboration functionality lets you save time and energy. For example, if you're travelling interstate to meet suppliers, you can still keep an eye on key financial data or manage a pay run, while your staff enter sales and your accountant processes your end of period statements. You all work on the same file, so there's no risk of having someone working on the wrong version.


Multi-user collaboration reduces double handling information. Staff can enter information directly into their accounting system, rather than complete paper forms which then need to be keyed in.


  • How can multi-user collaboration benefit my accountant or bookkeeper?

AccountRight Live lets you invite accountants and bookkeepers to access your online company file wherever they are. It lets you work more efficiently by working on the same file simultaneously, so you don't waste time having to make a copy and send it back and forth.


  • How many users can collaborate at the same time?

You can invite as many people as you like, and there is no limit to how many people can work simultaneously on a file. This is extremely useful if you have a staff member working on the file who has to take sick leave, another staff member can be granted access to the file in minutes.


  • Who can I invite as an authorised user?

You can invite anyone to have online access to your file as long as they have the latest version of AccountRight, an internet connected PC and are a company file user. You can manage users or change access via my.MYOB. You can install AccountRight on as many machines as you need at no extra cost.


  • Can I control the level of access a user has to my file?

Yes. When you invite a new user, you can select which areas of the software they have access to. For instance, you could invite a new sales clerk and only give them access to view cards, record sales and make purchases, without giving them access to view payroll and handle banking.


  • What control do I have over authorised users?

With AccountRight Live, the software owner controls who has access to their accounts and for how long. You can give short-term access to your accountant, or invite a staff member to help manage other users. You can view and change who has access to your data any time via my.MYOB. A company file administrator can change another user's access level with the file.


  • Can I modify a user's access within the file?

As staff within your business change roles, the tasks you need them to perform in relation to your company files may change. You can easily manage their nominated company file access via the software.


  • How do I manage users for online collaboration?

With AccountRight Live, you give others access to your online company files by simply 'inviting' them. You control who and how users access your online accounts by setting online access types. Online access is different to company file access. Online access enables you to control the level of online access each user has, which determines how they work with an online file.


Depending on who you are giving access to, you can set up two types of online access:


  • AN ONLINE FILE USER - Can access any of the online company files they have accepted an invitation to use. This is the level of access you would grant most of your users.
  • AN ONLINE ADMINISTRATOR - Can work with any company file that is listed under the owner's software serial number. An online administrator can also subscribe to additional online company files, invite users to access an online company file and manage your AccountRight Live subscription.

You can give online administrator access to your office manager or bookkeeper, so they can perform administrator tasks for you.


  • Can I check the status of an online user?

When you invite a user to work with your online company file, the invitation and user is recorded in my.MYOB. You can monitor who has access to your files and what transactions they are completing. AccountRight Live incorporates a change tracker, so the nominated administrator knows who made changes to what.


  • How do I invite a new user and select their access level?

This help article will take you through inviting users and selecting their online access level. While this one will take you through setting up your user's file access level.

Kind Regards

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