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Personalised email from MYOB

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Personalised email from MYOB

Please advise how we can go about (I am pretty certain it can be done) sending out a mail merge email to all our members in the following situations.


1) To all members advising them of changes that are taking place with regards to their accounts.

2) An automatic reminder to send out emails to members when their accounts are outstanding and attaching their statement.


Thanks in Advance!

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Re: Personalised email from MYOB

Hi @Leslie22


While AccountRight allows for the user to generate personalise letters it doesn't allow emailing in bulk such as a mail merge from with AccountRight. However in saying that there are a few different ways in could be done:

  • Export out your customer's email address and do a bulk email through Outlook
  • Use a personalise letter and send that out using Microsoft Word - it can be complex as it may merge the letters into one document which would need to be separated out.
  • Manually copy the message into an Email from AccountRight for the customer i.e. Card File>>Cards Lists>>Select the Card and Select Email and paste in the message before sending. Would need to be done on an per card basis.

In terms of automatically emailing of overdue statements, AccountRight doesn't automatically email information without the user initiating the emailing. If you are needing to send out an email with the satement to a customer it would need to be done via the Sales>>Print/Email Statement option.

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Re: Personalised email from MYOB

Furthermore once you have your customers in Outlook, you can use mail merge in Outlook to merge to a standard word doc and email it to your customers. See Mail Merge in People section of Outlook.


If you want to split your customers into groups you can use categories in outlook. These categories can be assigned in MYOB cards and be part of the sync to outlook. Then  setting a new View in outlook based upon the desired category. This will allow to send different emails to different categories or to send emails at different times to certain category groups.

It's not easy but it can be done.

It would be easier if  this whole process was incorporated into MYOB AR, that is, merge email from the company file.

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