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Re: Understanding the Journal Security Report

Hi Neil,


I am interested in this post from last year. We have found an invoice is missing in our Accountright online system but it only seems to appear on the journal security audit report as the action of adding & action of system.


There is no record of this invoice being deleted and we have a hard copy that was sent to the customer. The mere fact we have a printed copy, our system advises us when printing an invoice it will be saved first, so it definately was saved in the beginning when entered.


Could you provide any insight as to how we could find any more information of how this invoice was deleted as it no longer appears in our system? This then begs the question, are there others missing?


Could updates or the like affect this?


Any & all insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated as we feel this is crutial.







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Re: Understanding the Journal Security Report

Hi @Leanneball 


As the Journal Security report relies on the date of the transaction and the session date I would recommend extending out the session date to ensure that you cover a wide number of sessions. In terms of the transaction date, if the date is changed on the transaction this would change the date on the transaction this would also change the transaction date that the report would be viewed for.


Personally, if it was me and I was looking for a missing transaction with the Journal Security Audit report I would restore a backup to see if the transaction is included in that backup file. Once you have found a backup where that transaction has been found, you then can narrow down the situation as all sessions after that date could be a possible session when it was edited or deleted. 

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