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The search functions are broken at

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The search functions are broken at

Any search only shows results from the Pay Direct Online pages, not the full site:


Showing results for XXXX in Help & Support for Pay Direct Online


If I click through to any of those completely irrelevant results, then search again from that page it then says:

Showing results for XXXX in Help & Support for AccountRight 2017


Support search is apparently "oh so 2020"...

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Re: The search functions are broken at

Hi @H-TS 


Just testing the site it does work as intended for me and redirects to the appropriate site where you can select the desired product. I would ensure that the URL does say as depending on caching it may add the last selected product to the default search thus MYOB Accounting (browser interface help articles) could appear. Also Paydirect Online is older name for Online invoicing, I would recommend updating your search to be that.


You also brought up that when searching from within a page will bring up the messaging Show results for xx in Help & support for AccountRight 2017. This is intended behaviour by the Help article search. All help articles are categorised as AccountRight 2017 help articles (as this was when those Help Articles were introduced), thus it does show AccountRight 2017 and masked in other windows. Updating those help articles would be a significant piece of work and while its something that we are looking at, its actually not the focus of our Help Article team who are trying to making the Help Article content we do have meaningful to more users, rather than updating a search field.

Kind regards,

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