To Do List - Stock Alert Report

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To Do List - Stock Alert Report

When is MYOB going to fix the stock alert time out issue on Accountright. I loose may hours each and every week with this issue and also that the stock alert fails to place all items selected onto a purchase order. I have attempted extending the time out parameter ( as suggested by MYOB) and it still fails to work. The process of trying to create a stock alert also slows down other users and prevents them from working efficiently. This is my third attempt to bring this issue to the attention of the MYOB team to have it resolved. Yearly for the last 3 years. If you cannot resolve this issue in the next update, ( why not?), we will be changing our software supplier, as it is very time costly and causing losses to our business missing orders due to lack of stock. Your choice MYOB, fix it or loose a customer of 15 years.  I note we are not the only customers with this issue. Maybe you could read other complaints and actually action a solution. G - we put man on the moon nearly fifty years ago with less  tech than is in a smartwatch.!!

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Re: To Do List - Stock Alert Report

Hi @Hitemp


I'm sorry for the delay here. I have checked with our Development Teams for this issue and requested some information on this issue and what the status is for a fix.


I have been made aware that there is an upcoming time dedicated to Bug bashing and they have escalated this particular bug to be put on the board to be looked at in their upcoming days. An exact time frame on when this time is held is still being decided, though this has definitely made it to the competitors to be fixed in a bug bashing sprint.


Once we have more information on this, we will post this on the release information on the AccountRight Blog. I suggest checking that space for new releases to see what bug fixes come out with the release and see when this bug is fixed. I suggest subscribing to this Blog so you get notifications on when we have posted new releases.


You can access the AccountRight Blog by going to Browse Community > AccountRight > The AccountRight Blog. And you can subscribe by clicking Options > Subscribe.


Sorry for the troubles this issue has caused, and I hope this issue is solved soon.


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