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upgrading to 2018.2.1

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upgrading to 2018.2.1

Hi  ,  we have been using Enterprise V19.15 on only one PC, and we have now been told, we need to upgrade to 2018.2.1.     We  use payroll, and STock.    When  we  upgrade,  will  I then be using  MYOB  online,  as  currently ist just on the local PC.  the reason  i ask, is that our  Internet in this area, is not very good, and  keeps  dropping out, and i  dont  want MYOB to be very slow, once we  upgrade.


Are we still able to use  2018.2.1  on the local PC  ( not  online )?




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Re: upgrading to 2018.2.1



You can indeed upgrade your AccountRight v19 company file offline, and continue to operate the company file without using the clound.


Our help article, Upgrade without putting your company file online, does step through how to go through the upgrade assistant to upgrade your file without putting it online. This will place the upgraded the company file on your computer.


Its also worth making sure that you optimise the company file through File >> Optimise Company File in your AccountRight v19. As this will compact down the database as much as possible, which can help going forward as the smaller the preupgraded file is the smaller the post upgrade file will be


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Re: upgrading to 2018.2.1

Hi @STONE - welcome back to the Community Forum !


Y E S  - definitely, you can use AccountRight 2018.2.1 in either Online or Offline mode 
- and it's easy to switch between the two. See this Support Note - Work Offline - Checking out and checking in

Mainly working in Offlline mode gives faster processessing if you have many transactions (e.g. a large payroll) or your Internet connection is slow.


When you're working Offline, you can even update your Bank Feeds or send STP Payroll reports to the Tax Office, provided you're connected to the Internet at that time.  Just note that some features are only available if your file's online . If you have 20 or more employees and don't use Enterprise's special features (see below), you need to move to STP as soon as possible (as the start date was 1 July). Don't worry if you're a bit late moving to STP - it works on year-to-date figures. As long as your MYOB YTD figures are correct, you'll be OK. Fewer than 20 employees ? You have until 30 June 2019 to make your move.


A technical note, if you're interested:

AccountRight 2018 does most of it's processing on your own computer, but saves each transaction to your Online file. Every 20 minutes, in the background, it synchronizes your online file with a read-only copy on your local computer. The "check-out" process synchronizes these files, then puts a "read-only" flag on your online file, whilst removing that flag from your local file. Once "checked-out", the button in your sacreen's bottom right-hand corner will change to orange. Then you will be able to record transactions on your Offline copy.

Note - whilst you're working Offline, other persons accessing the Online file will only see a read-only version, as it was just before the check-out. They won't be able to see any transactions you might have entered to your Offline copy. So if you're mainly working Offline and need to (e.g. for better speed),but have a couple of other users accessing the Online file (e.g. sales staff), I recommend Checking-In and then Checking-Out, periodically.

For example, if you check-out the file first thing in the morning, to do a large payroll, Check-In again at lunch time. This will update the online copy, for any entries you made that morning. Once your back Online, you can Check-out the file again.


A note about Backups - Checking-out or Checking-in is different from doing a back-up. You can still make do backups (in either Online or Offline mode) - a good idea if you're mainly working Offline, to guard against the rare possibility of your disk drive failing or your laptop being stolen. when you're working Online, MYOB's servers separately backup the online copy, frequently during the day.


Some special features in  AccountRight Enterprise v.19 are not yet available in AccountRight 2018 (but will be added by May 2019). These include multi-currency, multiple inventory locations and negative inventory balances.

So if your currently using these, delay upgrading until next May. If you have 20 or more employees and a're worried about deferring you're STP Payroll compliance, don't worry. MYOB has obtained a deferral authority number, which you can quote to the ATO if they ask. See this Support Note - Single Touch Payroll


P.P.S.  In your v.19 file, run a File - Verify and the a File-Optimise before you upgrade.

The upgrade process will then run faster.


Kym Yeoward, CPA and MYOB Advisor

Darwin (Palmerston)



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