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20th payments report

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It would be very helpful to have a report that shows esactly what we owe our suppliers on teh 20th of the month.

The Aged Payables also shows any invoices that have been added after the end of the previous/billing month.  The Payables Reconcilliation report does not remove those that have since been paid.

SO - in summary please - a report that show ONLY what is owing on the 20th of the month. (or only the unpaid invoices up to a certain defined date - that would work too).


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Hi @Rollercoaster, try running the Payables Reconciliation for the END of the current month, aged by PO date; any payables relating to the previous month should show up in a separate column, and anything paid in the current month will not appear. You can run the detail report to confirm that those are the correct bills.