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Ability to Customise Sales Register Columns




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New Zealand

Hi Guys,


It would be great if we had the ability to add further columns to the Sales Register based on fields from the Sales Invoice.


Eg. Salesperson, Journal Memo Fields or the "Ship to" Field name...


We invoice out to a "parent company" and ship to another "child" branch but details available in the sales register only show the "parent company". We change the Journal Memo Field and Salesperson Field (Work Around) on each invoice to reflect the branch that we have sent to.


This would allow you to see the Parent Company that was invoiced and the Child Company sent to which would be great.


Surely other companies are in the same boat as us?


Thank you.

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If you manage to get them to add the ability to add or customise any columns in any onscreen report/sales /purchase then please let me know how you managed it 

I have been asking for column customisation for all onscreen entities for about 15-20 years and so far ZIP has been done 

So best of luck 



Great idea but I dont think they have the programming skills to do it 

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When will myob allow the user to pick what fields are required in the onscreen display for 

1. sales

2. purchases

3. auto ordering 

and probably most of the other screens as the fixed ones are only half usefull as you are constantly going to the parts card to find the rest of the information that you require

Dont they realise that every business is different and that what works for one doesnt for another

Even within a business different people could require customised arrangements of sales/purchasing/ordering etc to make their job more efficient

Hope this gets some traction and something done soon