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We use the MYOB Accounts budget Module and found that we are not able to produce a budget report with year end adjustments included.


The Profit & Loss Statement report to the Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] report has a filter to "Display Transactions" and the options are "All", "Exclude Year-End Adjustments" and "Year-End Adjustments Only".


However, the Profit & Loss [Budget Analysis] report does not have the "Display Transactions" filter.  Can this be added to the filter tool bar for this report?


The rationale for the request is that when the organisation concludes its end of financial year including year end adjustments, the Profit & Loss [Budget Analysis} report cannot be run so as to determine how the organisation performed against budget with year end adjustments.   It would also help budgeting improvements to allow for end of year adjustments to be recognised for budget purposes.