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Bank Feeds: Ability to select Use Recurring





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I think the Bank Feed feature is great but it has a big problem. When you go Find & Spend Money you can not select a RECURRING TRANSACTION. Therefore, you have to go out of Bank Feeds & Into Banking & Spend Money & process the transaction as we used to do it.


That means you still need to PRINT off your bank statements for data entry. I thought the idea of Bank Feeds is that you could do away with paper bank statements & process Recurring Transactions on the Bank Feed screen.


We are really not saving that much time with the Bank Feeds screen it would greatly improve productivity & stress if we could select Recurring Transactions in the Spend Money feature in Bank Feeds?


Furthermore it would mean no more paper bank statements?


Your feedback & votes would be appreciated as I am sure this affects all MYOB Users.


"Bank Feeds & Recurring Transactions"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

We can see this is a very popular idea and would be interested to see who else would find this idea useful. Please bear in mind that rules in bank feeds do already provide similar (though not exactly the same functionality). You can setup rules by clicking manage rules in the bank feeds screen. This allows the automatic creation of spend or receive money transactions based on pre-set criteria. However, based on comments on the thread linked below we understand that this won't suit all users as using rules doesn't give you an opportunity to adjust allocations. We would very much like to hear your thoughts on the existing rules feature in relation to this suggestion.

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It seems you have now marked both posts (this and the one in the link) as duplicates so now neither can be voted on.


hope that helps.

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Cool, Ta @JasonHill 

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I think "recurring transactions" functionality must be incorporated into the "bank feed" functionality to obtain the full benefits.  Otherwise it falls very short.  Can you please consider this, the only reason we applied for bank feeds was to make the whole process quicker well it is not, there is now just an extra step. 

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I agree with all the frustrations listed above. I am confused as to why this is a popularity contest as to whether the functionality is enabled or not. The button is there, it was available in the previous release so why is it not enabled in this release? The functionality otherwise is great and does save time ensuring that there are no mis-keys.


Given that I am now in the 4th month of use would like to know when this will be rolled out. As a small business, the addtional time it is taking in processing is eating in to time i need to dedicate to other tasks.

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Thank you all for your votes and comments. We understand it would be great to be able to use a saved recurring transaction to record an amount appearing in the Bank Feeds window.

These Idea Exchange posts along with your votes and comments give our developers an idea of the various features and functions that you, our customers, would like to see in the software. It helps them prioritise the changes and enhancements that are introduced in future updates. 


Considering the number of votes this Idea has received, we hope to have this introduced in a future update. Thank you for your patience in the meantime. 

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I would also like to know when recurring transactions will be rolled out in bank feeds.  


I love using bank feeds, but not being able to use recurring transactions is very frustrating.


When I enter Telstra phone accounts and Ergon electricity accounts, I have a recurring transaction that takes into account the 20% business and the rest private drawings, you can't set this up with a transaction rule in bank feeds.  It is just quick and easy to use a recurring transaction.


I hope it is not too far away!




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Is this any closer to being implemented?

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Currently this idea is still marked as under consideration. This means we are encouraging clients to vote and comment for this idea. 

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Dito.... Bank feeds are fantastic but would really like to use exisiting re-occuring transactions.  This hopefully would also be a way around the lack of customisation availabe in rules - ie nominated transation ID# (cheque number, Bpay, EFT etc)

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Ditto to all comments above. Please address this MYOB. There is no other function that does what recurring transactions does.