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Bank Feeds: American Express feeds

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This has been raised in discussion posts and also submitted to Live Accouns ideas forum but I would like to re-iterate for Account Right Plus.


Desperately need to see Amex in bank feeds, we have many hundreds of transactions that could be automated if Amex was supported.



"Bank Feed for American Express issued by Amex"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: April 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for comments and voting for this idea.

We are pleased to offer bank feeds for American Express cards (issued by American Express). These are can be found under the tag of AMEX Credit Cards under Financial Institutions when applying for bank feed credit cards. 

For more information into American Express credit card feeds do please see The Pulse: MYOB partners with American Express to deliver an accounting software industry first

For more information into applying for those feeds please see Help Article: Set up bank feeds

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hi @Mike56 I have had that too for a while now: some transactions get automatically matched without me needing to do anything.

Most of the time it is bang on but it happens every now and then that a transaction gets matched against the wrong invoice/supplier, and that is pretty annoying I have to admit. This happens to me when I have 2 open bills with the same amount payable. I don't know any way around that unfortunately. Sorry for not being of much help but at least you know you aren't the only one Smiley Happy