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Bank Feeds: Hide multiple transactions at a time

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In the Bank Feeds window, I would like the ability to hide multiple transactions (not just one at a time).  This would be a great feature if not available.  Can anyone assist in this regard?


"Bank Feeds Window - Would like the ability to hide multiple transactions (not just one at a time)"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thank you for your suggestion @A-Snax We're always interested to here how we can improve your workflow. Anyone who would like to be able to select multiple bank feed transactions at once to be hidden, please cast your vote here.

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Please make the ability to hide multiple transactions a reality.  I recently went through over 3,000 transactions hiding them one at a time and I can tell you it was extremely tedious and annoying.  I now find myself in the position of having to do this again for another company file and quite honestly I think I'll just give it a miss until you fix this for us.  

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I would like to hide multiple bank feed transactions at a time (not 1 at a time)

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Would love to see this feature.


I have the task of hiding 400 transactions.

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this would be a great option

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Wow, this function has been requested since 2014 and has hundreds of people indicating they need it (or are frustrated by the lack of the function) and the lack of action, which means that there are thousands of clients/users out there that need it too. What needs to happen for this to be prioritized?


I have just wasted half an hour hiding a few hundred transactions. This is adding no value to anyone's life but wasting time and resources. The function works great once the backlog has been cleared but there will be a few more hours wasted to get to this point.

MYOB, please prioritize this and do something about it.

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This issue was first raised back in 2014 and I commented a couple of times during the PAST 7 YEARS, how come you are not listening to your users, this is a time consuming issue for our business and from wht I understand, as have consulted IT professionals, something you clearly have just put into a basket of not an issue to most people. Our business will be looking elsewhere for other programs with better functionalitity that look after their long time users.