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Bank Feeds: Rules - Ability to set up based on amount

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At present we have two transactions per month with the same description - loan debits but for different amounts and different loans.  This description is preset and cannot be altered by the bank.  If the bank feed rule allowed us to allocate a $ amount as well as the description to the rule then the rule would work correctly.  AT present MYOB cant identify which rule to apply as it only works off the description which is the same for both rules.


Unless there are alternatives which could work around this issue?


"More advanced options for bank feed rules"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2014

Thank you for your suggestion to make the Bank Feeds more easily usable, we're always looking to make this area even better. Please remember vote if you like the idea and want to see it implemented.

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Hi @WStevens,


Thanks for your comment, and for casting your vote for the idea. We do agree that having the ability to set up rules based on amounts would be a great addition to Bank Feeds.


Anyone else who would like to see this idea implemented, please cast your vote by clicking on the thumbs up icon.





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We need Bank Feed Rules that can be customised in detail based on additional parameters such as the 'value of the transation' or a 'value range', the 'date/date range', as well as just the transaction description. 


Some clients would also benefit from rules that can dynamically match invoice references numbers in payments to the invoices that have been issued.


Furthermore, I should be able to apply a recurring transaction to a bank feed transaction. Currently MYOB doesnt let me do this, I have to enter the values manually to split that single transaction between different accounts.


Some very simple additions to the bank rule options could fix this. Could you please add this into the next update.