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Bank Feeds: Unallocated report

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Hi there, 


Just wanted to put up for discussion the idea of an Unallocated Bank Feed Report or at least a general ledger option the same as LiveAccounts (see discussion below).



I have clients who I do bookkeeping for and need to clarify several transactions a month in AccountRight Live Plus. Currently I have to screen shot the bank feed screen and then copy that onto an email to query with the client. It would be great if you could just print a report of all transactions that have been 'fed' through to MYOB but have not yet been 'allocated' or 'ticked off'. 


"Unallocated Bank Feed Report"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2014

Thanks for your suggestion on this, we would be happy to look into adding this kind of report to make managing unallocated bank feeds easier. To see the demand for this type of feature being added, please remember to vote on this suggestion.

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Hi Everyone

Thank you for voting and commenting for this popular idea.


We are currently working on including an option to obtain a list of bank feeds transactions. This includes being able to generate a list of unallocated bank feeds. This will be included in the next up and coming release (AccountRight 2017.1)  

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

Once again thank you for showing your support for this idea.

I'm pleased to announce that with the release of AccountRight 2017.1 comes the ability to search bank feeds transactions. As part of this, you now have the ability to copy the search results to clipboard.


If you would like a copy of just the unmatched bank feeds filter the bank feeds window to show unmatched transactions before copying the details to the clipboard by typing match:2 into the search field.  Below is an extract that explains what the export would look like and why match:2 is required for that unmatched transactions.


You can find out more information into AccountRight 2017.1, including a list of features, improvements and how to obtain that value via the AccountRight Blog: AccountRight 2017.1 now available

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When I copy it to an excel spreadsheet, it posts all the details in one column, not seperate columns as shown above?

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Hi @natashav



I was able to replicate your trouble if I had double clicked into a cell or was editing information in 1 cell when I pasted the contents. It would enter all the information in that cell and look like it's posted everything in 1 column.


Can I ask if you hit Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + V it may give you a warning saying that the data you are pasting isn't the same size, just click OK.


This should then post it against the relevant cells.


If you are continuing to encounter troubles, please start a new post above on the Installing and Upgrading forum board and we can start investigating this with you.