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Bank Feeds: Window size & location

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The Window Size and Location preference was a godsend in V19 and earlier as it allowed you to set up the desktop to give you the best layout for workflows to be easier and quicker.

In 2013 this preference does not work in Bank Feeds or Reporting and as a result is not only very annoying but wastes time as well.

I know this has been reported ages ago but nothing appears to be getting done about it.

The ability to resize windows such as bank feeds and the command centre has also been removed from 2013 WHY?


"Window Size & Locations"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2016

Hi Everyone

In AccountRight 2016 the Bank Feeds window size and location will be remembered when Setup>>Preferences>>Windows - "Save Windows Sizes and Locations" is enabled.

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I know bank feeds are only new but the intergration with the product needs to be a lot better.


So far I have come across problems with,


The find button not finding transactions that are clearly in the disbursement journal. The transactions had been entered a couple of weeks before the payments showed up in the bank feeds and for some reason the find function just could not find them. Tried everything in the search boxes even putting date back to 2000 still could not find them. Ended up having to go back and re-enter transactions before they were found.


The save window sizes and locations preference does not work if you use find or new in Bank feeds. It works reasonablly well in the rest of the program but once you use bank feeds find or new functions to open any widows they will only open in the one position NOT where you want them.


When you use the Bank Feeds new button to open a Spend Money window it does not allow you to use the recurring transactions  function. veryt annoying as you then have to out of bank feed to the normal spend money and use the recurring tranaction then back to bank feed and use the find function.


All of these problems should benot be happening and need to be fixed.



MYOB Product Manager Dan_Moulton
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Hi Graeme, thanks for the feedback - sounds like a few separate issues here. When you click on the Find option it looks for Unmatched & Unreconciled transactions. It could be that the transaction was already ticked in the Bank reconciliation screen which would prevent you seeing it here. Given that you have deleted and re-entered we can't check this but I suspect that was the cause. The Recurring transaction function is currently disabled in bank feeds as recurring templates contain a fixed total amount which if used would replace the Bank Feed amount ( therefore affecting the accuracy) . Rather than doing this we're focussed on enhancing the Rules functions so that they can be used for more scenarios as this offers more automation and accuracy. We're also ooking into the Window Size, location issue that you have previously raised.
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Hi Dan

The transactions that the bank feed function has not been able to find are not reconciled but clearly show in the disbursement journal.


One was a "Transfer money" from the cheque account to the visa card and when you tried to find it, it showed up for the cheque acct which I then accepted but then it would not show up in the visa account.  And as this is a transfer it must be in both accounts and reconciled in both.


The other ones have just been "Spend money" transactions that have not been reconciled. What is happening is that it is entered before the transaction appears in the bank feed it does not find it, if it is entered after the amount appears in the bank feeds it finds it ok.


A lot the the recurring transactions in "Spend money" are fixed amount transactions for regular payments, such as loan payments etc. These amounts do not vary every time, only when you set up a new loan and you are then creating a new recurring transaction and deleting the old one.


Not having the recurring transaction function makes the bank feed function useless as you then have to spend time either exiting the bank feeds and going back to 'Spend money' and using the recurring transaction or you have to renter everything you have saved on the recurring transaction through the new button in bank feeds. 


This is just a waste of time specially when the program is already way too slow, running at about 30% of the speed of 19.7.  I think the best I have been able to get is about 45% but on the average it operates at about 30 % when it should be no less than 90%.


I like the Bank Feeds function it is far superior to the old 'Get bank statement' function, but it just needs to be better integrated into the workflow of MYOB.


Also if the Rules are going to be used more they need to be much simpler to understand and setup maybe an interactive help which explains each step as you go.





MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

In AccountRight 2016 the Bank Feeds window size and location will be remembered when Setup>>Preferences>>Windows - "Save Windows Sizes and Locations" is enabled.

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I do bank feed by changing my window to "tile", so you have a split screen and you can open multiple window.