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Bank Register: Refresh option

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Could we please, please, please fix the bank register refresh.  It is really frustrating when i change the date range or the bank account and the screen doesn't refresh.  There is no refresh button i either right click refresh - nothing or i press F5 - nothing.


The only way around it is to exit and re-enter the bank register.


Thank you



"Refresh button on Bank Register"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2017

Hi Everyone


With the release of AccountRight 2014.4, the Bank Register got the ability to be searched. Along with that, an Update button was added to the window. By selecting this option it will refresh the list of transactions shown in the Bank Register based on the date/account criteria entered.

MYOB Moderator Barry_C
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MYOB Moderator
Thanks for the idea. The bank register window doesn't have a refresh button as it's disigned to automatically update. I can certainly see though as most other windows have a refresh button, this should be added to the bank register window for consistency. We would love to hear what others think about this.
Ultimate Partner Geoff_
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Hi Petey and Barry


Actually if you click on arrow next to the balance of the Bank Register this appears to update the bank transactions.


I find I have to do this when I have been posting to another bank account and then switch over to another bank register, the MYOB programme 2013.5 does not bring the entries over. like they used to do in AccountRight Plus 19.7 etc.

Contributing User Dutch
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The refresh button wouldn't be required if it actually did what it was designed to do - auto update - but it does not - I also find this extremely frustrating and yet another thing that is more time consuming and seems quiet backwards since I upgraded

Partner Elanora_Bkpg
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Is it possible to have each window to instantly refresh without having click on the refresh button? When having a second window open (eg the Bank Register while using Spend Money), I find having to use the refresh button completely and utterly annoying when all I want is to see the transactions recently entered.

Trusted Partner Aaronp
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We are also finding we have to click the refresh button constantly after making any change to the settings in the window.


It is very frustrating.


There is a setting in Setup, Preferences, System that says Automatically Refresh Lists when Information Changes... It seemed to make a difference in V19, but doesn't seem to do anything in 2014...

Partner KayVeron
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Could you please add the green Refresh Button to the Bank register and Spend Money.

When entering a lot of data through Spend money I have to keep going out from both Bank Register and Spend Money to see what the balance is or should be, thank you.

Partner KayVeron
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Refresh buttons for Spend Money and Register.

I am using AccountRight Premier AU 2014.4.16.7861 and the file is not saved online. The files are used on the desktop only.

The Spend Money and Register doesn't automatically update. I have to go out of these windows and come back in to see the updated amounts.


MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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Thanks for that information @KayVeron We've still been unable to replicate this issue. Can you please go to setup and click preferences. Here click the system tab and tick the option 'automatically refresh lists when information changes.' Do the balances still not refresh when you do this?

If not, can you please right click on the bank register screen after entering a transaction and select 'refresh list.' After this does the newly entered transaction now appear, and is the balance updated?

Partner KayVeron
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I do have "automatically refesh lists when information changes" selected already.


I can right click on the bank register screen after enter a transaction and refresh list. The entry appears but the balance does not change until I close the screen and come back in. This is when I tried Use Recurring entry also.


Spend Money - I unticked and reticked the "automatically refresh lists" in preferences. The balance does change if I enter a new entry from scratch, but not if I use Recurring entry - for some reason the balance stays the same.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @KayVeron 

Thanks for that additional information

I have been able to replicate what you are describing. While the bank register and spend money windows will automatically refresh when you do a non recurring transaction it doesn't update the balance for recurring transactions.This is something that I have passed on to the relevant team for further investigating and correction in a later version of the program.

The current workaround would be as you have described closing the window down and reopening the window will display correctly.