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Banking: Change the Automatic Cheque Numbering

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Remove the automatic cheque numbers for every transaction in spend money and payroll.  Most clients use internet banking & EFT these days, so cheques shouldn't be the default option.  If you write a cheque you should manually enter the cheque number in MYOB.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2012

Thanks for the feedback. We've taken this on board with our upcoming Bank Feeds function which only uses Cheque number when the source is actually a cheque, otherwise we default to EFT. This should save a lot of typing!

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@Ian_Forsyth wrote:

It's just lack of will and or ignorance of the fact that nearly nobody uses cheques now....It is so stupid that it hasn't been addressed though for what should be a very simple fix!

Or, given the glacial speed of MYOB development (a speed that has not changed in 30 years), those in charge of development decisions have themselves not yet stopped using cheques. LOL

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When can this be fixed??


In Spend Money & Pay Bills the Cheque No: is 13 characters yet in Payroll is it is only 8.

Banking Numbers used are longer than 8 characters, when can this be changed???


Also, when can Cheque No:  description be changed to something more relevant in today's world? May EFT???


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To help process a large payroll (130+) weekly, the ability to selectin settings, a default or pre-selected reference for the "Chq Ref", ie not leave as AUTO.

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Great suggestion, and I agree with both points. I suspect there'd be many businesses like ours (and we're into our 8th year now) that has owned a "Cheque Book". All our payments during this time have been made via EFT, so for 7+ years I've been typing over this to change to either EFT, EFT OSKO, BPAY or DD (for Direct Debit).


Though I understand that there are some companies that still do issues cheques so the ability to select a default in the 'Set Up - Preferences - Banking' tab would be perfect please.  

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Does  Account Right have unlimited payroll capacity ?????

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Is anyone having issues recording the payroll with large payroll  (180 +) At the moment we break up the weekly payroll  up into lots of 40 - 50 employees and record each lot.  It seems that at 180 + employees the payroll is unable to be recorded in one lot ..

how do we get around this and successfull record the payroll regardless of the the number of employees 

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Can't MYOB just allow us to set it to EFT on all transactions? I am so sick of having to do this for EVERYTHING I pay. Invoices, payroll, etc. It really is just so annoying and MYOB's lack of interest in making their product user friendly is so bad. It is 2022 and no body uses cheques any more. I am only staying with MYOB as I don't have time to learn a new system...but I do NOT recommend MYOB because of their lack of interest in making small modifications that would make a big difference to their customers.

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Hello @Trudi@TrudiW 


Hello Trudi,


You are making life hard for yourself, by changing the field to EFT. This means that you have to change the entry in perhaps 99% of transactions that you do.

I always get my clients to ignore the fact that the field name says 'Cheque No" and instead consider that it is a transaction reference number, and just let the number increment as it wants to. When there is an actual physical cheque to be entered then instead of the auto number manually enter CH12345 with 12345 as the actual cheque #. The prefix CH will stop the system from incrementing. In this was you only need to make a change for perhaps 1% of your transactions.

The other great benefit in doing this is that each transaction has a different and unique reference #. Would you want all your invoices the have not have a distinctive invoice # and for them all to have "INV" ?

I find it very frustrating when reviewing a client file and trying to find a single transaction when they all have a reference EFT (or BS - bank statement or PAY - payroll payments or BP - Bpay) when there are a number with the same amount or memo etc. It makes it difficult to find the right transaction to review or edit without having to open them all. This is the real time looser!

I usually manually change the first transaction to something like 10001, away from the current cheque series and let the system go from there. Try it - it will save you a lot of time & effort.

Perhaps in a future release MYOB will change the designation of this field from'Cheque No' to something like 'Payment Ref' so that users do not feel the need to always change it, after all I agree that cheques are a dying means of paying others, and the banks are discouraging it.


I hope that this helps.