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Banking: Emailing Receipt option

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It would be great to be able to email receipts to customers when you receive their payment, at the moment you can only print and I find this waists time and paper.  (The email remittance feature works great so why not have an email receipts option too.)



Current Status: Coming Soon
Last Changed: February

Thank you for showing your support for this idea. We're pleased to let you know that work on this idea will be starting soon, with a plan to release in the second quarter of this year. 


We'll have more information to provide you as we build out this functionality.

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I would be better if it has an option for emailing payment receipts.

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Why cant we email receipts.? We can email everything else. 


This would be very helpful Also  the print receipt option is no good if there are a lot of invoices being paid most wont show.


Please sort this out as soon as possible.



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It is about time this was passed the Planning stage and now installed!!  As stated very time consuming printing and then scanning to PDF file and emailing to Customer!!  Bring it on NOW!!

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I notice that this feature was listed as planned in 2013, it is now 2019.  Will the ability to email receipts for payments be included in the near future? I use Account Right live

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Email Receipt option - please add on  to the Print Receipts function as an option similar to the print /email invoices 

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Great Idea

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I would love to see this feature. It would really help our customers keep tract of payments and outstanding amounts. 

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I find it infuriating not being able to email receipts while we can email everything else.

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I can't believe  that a simple function like emailing a receipt is not straightforward in V2019!   There was discussion in 2013!!!! that it was to be included.  Seriously?  A load of other crazy "update" stuff that I have no use for but 6 years on and this still has to be a "work around".  Ridiculous.     Smiley Sad