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Banking: Emailing Receipt option

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It would be great to be able to email receipts to customers when you receive their payment, at the moment you can only print and I find this waists time and paper.  (The email remittance feature works great so why not have an email receipts option too.)



Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: August 2013

Thanks for your suggestion MHS. This feature is currently planned for for AccountRight Live users.

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Emailing receipts - MYOB status "Planned 2013". This is an absolute joke. 18 pages of posts just on this thread alone and I'm sure there are hundreds of more posts about it over the years. The emailing function for other documents is already setup on MYOB. I'm sure it would take their inhouse developers no more than half a day to build for receipts. I'm guessing MYOB never actually read any of these posts. They have been out of touch with their client for years. The problem is they've changed hands too many times - recently taken over by private equity in May 2019. I'm fast losing patience with this software, plenty of good competition out there. 

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We will be looking at alternatives shortly, MYOB is getting expensive and there are a lot of other options out there now.

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This failiure to email receits is going to be a deal breaker for me. The amount of paper and ink I spend printing these is not worth it

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the option to email receipts is an important requirement of customers these days. People request an email of their payment to prove remittance and the extra work to supply is another archaic non-feature of MYOB!

Working in the Aged Care sector as second party payments are the norm, it MUST be implemented.