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Banking: Emailing Receipt option

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It would be great to be able to email receipts to customers when you receive their payment, at the moment you can only print and I find this waists time and paper.  (The email remittance feature works great so why not have an email receipts option too.)



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2021

Thank you all for showing your support and voting for this idea. While we recognize the importance of sales receipts to your business, due to competing priorities we regretfully announced that the inclusion of this idea has been delayed until further notice. We’ll share information on the future status of this idea when we have more information.

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We are a NFP and receive regular donations.  The work around to print to PDF does not work well, as it shows faint outlines around receipt area blocks.  This does not make the receipt look cheap and unprofessional.


Not sure why there is a print function and not an e-mail function for receipts.  First comment about this missing function dates back to 2013. With the NFP sector growing rapidly over the past decade, you would expect MYOB to have solved this issue by now.



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So many of us wanting the same thing !!! Come on MYOB !

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Further to Tjaltjraak1 Comment 7 Sept 2022.  I have been requesting this since 2004 but earlier requests seem to have been deleted.  It is pretty pathetic that this cannot be sorted by MYOB.  I know of a few NFP who have moved from MYOB to Xero and similar simply because the cost of having to print receipts and post them, or the time spent to save as a PDF and email, as well as Tjaltjraak1 says, they receipts look unprofessional.  MYOB is more expensive than competitors and we cant get a simple request actioned for 18 years even though many have requested it

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It's time to face facts. MYOB is never going to implement this feature.
We sensed this back in 2018, so we created our own solution to automate the creation and emailing of receipts.

So glad we did.


But it's time to move on. We are currently trialling Xero. I'd suggest others do the same.

Unfortunately it seems MYOB will only sit up and listen when we vote with our wallets.



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Could not agree with all the posters in last few days more.  I have been using MYOB since its earliest inception.  For a long time it was the best, innovative and responded well to users.  Is it a coincidence that since another change of ownership to yet another private equity group, customer service has declined to even lower levels, and there is no response to users needs anymore.  The focus seems to be on getting new single traders on board, not looking after what was once a loyal base of qualified long term users.  Also a NFP that has just had to do annual membership invoices - and save to desktop and email out 350 of them.. Not having nice thoughts about MYOB at this time of year.  The issue of electronic payments and the now random sort order also adds a lot of time to my week as payment batches that are processed in alpha order, have to be resorted to myobs random order. that one has been an issue for over 2 years as well.  Every update I hope that I can email reciepts, that I can process batches and the aBA fileand reporting will mirror my alphabetical processing.. But it seems that MYOB is just one disapointment after another these days.  I would definitely be switching to Xero if I had more working years left.  All of my peers have made the switch and love Xero.. perhaps I will like Stuckster start trialling it as MYOB is slowly driving me nuts.

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I agree with all of the comments, but PLEASE make sure Xero can do everything else you need it to do before making the switch. I look at it every now and then too but there are still two (only two) features that MYOB has which Xero does not, and I use them often enough that I don't think it's worth jumping ship... yet. You might find it is right for you, I'm simply recommending you do a solid trial/test run first!

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In the web browser version of MYOB that they are slowly pushing us towards, there is no print receipt function.  The process is that you would email the customer  a copy of the invoice, showing the invoice is paid.  So useless for anyone dealing with non-account customers who don't have a customer card.  Or customers that pay multiple inovices at a time. At least with a receipt that lists each invoice paid they can quickly see the information instead of having to add up multiple invoice copies.  Seems like these procedures are completely removed from efficient business administration.

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It's been nearly a year since I was forced to use this program, and apart from a couple of features, I HATE MYOB.  The main thing at the moment is the hassle it takes to send a payment receipt.  May not seem like much to the Powers That Be, however, with several payments being received by transfer it takes time to do so.  If you can email a remittance with ease, why not a receipt to the customer?  Without customers we don't need this awful program.  

Reckon is far superior in so many ways; especially in ease of customisation of all the forms as well. 

Congrats MYOB PTB, you have made Reckon, Quickbooks, Xero much better options.  

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We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation which thankfully receives many one-off donations from benevolent members of the public.

These wonderful people should be issued with a tax deductible receipt promptly.

MYOB's lack of support for this requirement is very dissappointing.

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Please Please Please can we have a function to email receipts from MYOB to our clients? So much time is wasted saving receipts to PDF then attaching to an email and these days customers are requiring receipts more regularly. I feel this is a very important funtion that is required.