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Better reports




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Being able to create any form of report. Click on customised reports and opens up a new window with ALL the options available, from sales or purchase options to inventory or card options. Select parameters and builds a report with the parameters you've selected. So often I need to create a report but the options I need to use are scattered between sections! ie; particular supplier, particular date range, including items on hand, that HAVEN'T had a sale in the selected date range. 

Please please! 

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Reporting in MYOB is absolute **bleep**. The default formatting applied when exporting to Excel ensures you have to spend a significant amount of time just getting the data to a point you can actually use. It is THE WORST part of the program.

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Agreed. Functions such as item reports, sales reports are very spread out and vague.  There are many many aspects of MYOB that need to change when working with purchases/sales data