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Bring back keyboard shortcuts and non-mouse access for cursor locations and dropdowns

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I would really like to see MYOB bring back the ability to navigate pretty much every screen with a keyboard. It was so much easier than switching back and forth between keyboard and mouse. The cursor often doesn't default to the most obvious (to me) or even any field. I can no longer select items from many drop down lists (or even show the lists) without a mouse. I know this isn't a recent develop, I just don't think I've got around to whinging about it until now. Pretty sure it's a "since cloud version" development.


I often can't even use the page down button to read through multipage reports, I'm stuck scrolling with the mouse (if that works) or clicking on the little down arrow repeatedly.


My assumption is that the software is being developed more for tablet or touchscreen users but I'm reasonably confident I'm not the only person still using a desktop PC/laptop.