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CHEQUE Number Length

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When can this be fixed??


In Spend Money & Pay Bills the Cheque No: is 13 characters yet in Payroll is it is only 8.

Banking Numbers used are longer than 8 characters, when can this be changed???


Also, when can Cheque No:  description be changed to something more relevant in today's world? May EFT???


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Great suggestion, and I agree with both points. I suspect there'd be many businesses like ours (and we're into our 8th year now) that has owned a "Cheque Book". All our payments during this time have been made via EFT, so for 7+ years I've been typing over this to change to either EFT, EFT OSKO, BPAY or DD (for Direct Debit).


Though I understand that there are some companies that still do issues cheques so the ability to select a default in the 'Set Up - Preferences - Banking' tab would be perfect please.