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Can we have MYOB Premier customize form's system in Account Right?

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Having been a user of MYOB/account right since Premier V8....


I much prefer the old system of creating/editing forms. It was very logical and simple. If you wanted to edit a text box, you simply selected it and entered the physical measurements. 2cm in from the border, 5cm from the top, 2.5cm wide and 10cm high. Easy.


The system in Account right is infuriating to use at best. Trying to adjust the width of a column on a sale invoice is 

very difficult and you have less control over the fields compared to The MYOB premier system.


To be honest, whenever I want to customise a form now in Account right, I fire up Premier V19, create/edit the form there and then migrate the custom form into Account right. 

Problem with that is, upgrading my work station's OS from W7 to W10 isn't too far away and I'm going to loose access to the old premier. 


So how about changes to Account rights custom form's editing function. giving it the functionality MYOB Premier had.