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Card: Employee - Ability to attach (PDF) file

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Could we have the ability to attach PDF Files (similar to attaching a photo) to the Employee Card. In our industry we need to have things like National Police Check, Working with Children Cards ect kept on file at all times, keeping a PDF File on the employee card would help a great deal.


"Attaching PDF File to Employee Card"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2018

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1, you can upload documents and attach these to your cards. For more information on this feature and other changes do please see AccountRight 2018.4.1 now available.

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Yes it would be nice to have the option of adding pdf files to employee cards.


Also it would be nice to make Account Edge and AccountRight have the same functionality.


I run two businesses, one on a mac platform and the other on windows.Accountedge has no keyboard shortcuts which is frustrating whilst AccountRight's Business Insights is nearly completely useless compared to Accountedge when reviewing Payables- not even a total monthly balance is shown.


Attaching docs to Accountedge is also too slow for a very fast paced office like mine.


These are two of many differences, if you could combine the best of the two it would be brilliant.

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Great Idea.


MYOB already stores an Employees's TFN and address.


It would certainly be advantageous to be able to attach the TFN and other relevant documents.


For some clients, I have TFN's that are over ten years old stored in an Employee Manila Folder.

Some clients might keep these documents in Dropbox or similar.


Looking forward to what the Payroll Experts with the Community might say.



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Hi there @Kymlouise and @DuncanS,


Thanks for your suggestion and comments. Given this idea had already been posted, I have merged your idea with the current one (this increases the number of comments and kudos made - which in return makes it more likely for it to be given priority).





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It would be great to be able to attached any documentation to an employee card.  It would eliminate having files of paper work.

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It would be a great if we would be able to add a document to a card file.

This feature would enable us to save uotes from suppliers and any other important docs that we need to keep there.

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It would be great to be able to upload and link medical certificates and annual leave requests to employee cards (preferably in all payroll versions of myob software).   Better still if we could also attach workers comp documents and correspondence to the employee cards for permanent and easy reference.




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I agree that adding the ability of a pdf to the Employee card file is essential I would also like to see the addition of adding a pdf to the contact log in the Employee Card file for ease of storing medical certificates etc

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This would be a great tool and would bring MYOB intoline with Xero who seems to be taking over on the amount of features they offer.

Even if just 1 file we can upload it would still be better than none.

It would enable us to upload our credit apps from customers 

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This would be a very benificial tool for employee record keeping 

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Extending the abilty to attach pdf to ALL card types would be a fantastic capability and increase MYOB usefulness!