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Card: Employee - Track external activities (text message, email message...) against an employee's card

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I love MYOB, it is easy to use, suits everyone, but managing my staff is taking up a massieve amount of my time.  


I have over 50 casual staff running a small labour hire company, text messaging and an email message service  and group emails, linked or apart of MYOB, so I only need one program for everything.


All text messaes and emails need to be recorded next to employee names, also the ability to upload documents to employees, like current first aid tickets etc


Also i need the ability to edit and add details to employee cards.  I need to track inducitons required on sites we work for so have the ability to add data is importana.


Possiably setting up a cloud log on system so employees can log in and see their schedule, also ability to text or email out shift opening, so staff can pick up shifts they are available.  Also include a drop box for policies and Procedures, that staff can access at any time.  Most of these programs are cloud based with an app for mobile services.


It could be a very profitable side line for MYOB.


"Text messaging, SMS, direct group email messaging, drop box and rostering"

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If you want the solution without waiting for MYOB to build it for you (if at all), why don't you look at what the developer partners can do for you?


Services like this might cost a little to get setup but if the feature meets your requirements and budget, addon developers can create these solutions too.



MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4, AccountRight allows the user to upload documents/screenshots to your cards using the Attachments option on the Card. These attachments could be used for the external activities/records that you have with the employee. Note: The company file does need to be in the cloud to upload those documents.


For more information on this feature do please see AccountRight 2018.4.1 now available.