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Card File: Ability to set head office cards/accounts

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One feature that is lacking from MYOB is the abillity to have a Head Office account so multiple customers can have their invoices combined onto one statement. 


for example one of our customers is a chain of hardware stores currently we use one account (ABC Hardware - head office)  to invoice the store in the PO# we put the PO # Town it would be much simpler if we could have an account for each store (much easier when looking at their history) that is then charged back to the Head Office account and will appear on one statement easily identified by our customer as PO # Town   Inv #


Hope this make sense Smiley Happy 


"Customer Cards - Head Office Accounts"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2014

Thanks for the idea MHS. I can certainly understand having the ability to link cards to a head office card could make reporting and invoicing an easier process. As Nic-Acc-addons mentioned there are some 3rd party programs that may suit your current requirements. To have this type of functionality added to the software, we would love to hear what other users think.

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Our main customer has 400 stores, being new to MYOB I am just looking for a way to to send out a statement to them but as all branches are entered separately it appears I can't do this? According to this link is this correct there is no way in MYOB?? if not my vote is defeinately to create this feature I just don't know what to do now how do I send this customer a statment?

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Thank you for your feedback.


We do hope to make changes to the way cards are set up and grouped to allow for situations with Braches and Head Office.


Please do continue to vote and add any relevant comments so that our developers get a good indication of the popularity of this functionality.




With reference to your query regarding sending out a single statement to the Head Office, for the various invoices sent to branches, we have a suggestion on dealing with this.


This would involve setting up separate cards for all the branches as well as setting one up for the Head Office. Our Support Note - Purchases and sales for branches and head office has more information on the matter.   



MYOB Support

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We are a small family owed and run service based business in a small country town that covers a vast region.


We have just started coming up against this with our customers, admittedly not in the same volumes as some of you but enough to require the facility.  It really would ease the task our office staff have of trying to match customer sites to the correct account card as our technicians do not always complete all the site details if they know we have an account for them ( because office staff are magic and just KNOW which site is which even if it has never been invoiced before ).


Like most, I would prefer the facility to be within MYOB especially as we already use a 3rd party add on for job cards.  The additional work required to set up and initalise an add on facility is too time consuming for a small business like us.  So YES, we most definately vote for MYOB to add this into the software.


Thank you

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Hi, we just purchased Myob Premier and while we love the software, we were disappointed it does not have this facility to link a Head Office account. 

We would definately be hoping MYOB creates this facility in their next update.  It is of extreme importance to our business and we don't want to deal with add-ons.

Please more votes!

Many thanks.

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MYOB does head office billing by using the delivery address. Set up cards for the head office and all the branches you need. Then charge the invoice to the head office, and select "other card" in the drop down for delivery address and put thison the invoice. This tells the head office where the goods were sent.

Hope that helps.

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Customers with multiple branhces (eg 30+), currently each branch is a seperate card, with seperate invoices and statements each month, which is hundreds of emails to the central accounts department. We want to be able to send 1 (or 2 statements eg North Island and South Island) to the main accounts, and send one email with the relevant invoices on it.

We still want to be able to track sales for each branch individually, but also want to be able to track figures for the whole customer together.



linking of cards or heierarchy of cards eg parent customer and branches

have more options to select how statements are amalgamated and sent

have more options for sending invoices eg as single pdf with multiple invoices or single email with multiple pdfs


I am happy to be contacted for more information.



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For a long time we have asked MYOB for the ability to search or report by Ship To Address, because of this very limitation of MYOB. Often we want to run sales for a single branch, not the whole company, which is not supported when branches are only listed in the Ship To Address.


We have customers with a head office and they want ALL invoices made out to head office but they may have 40 branches nationwide.


Complicating things further is that often the Ship To Address can be somewhere arbitrary as often our customers (the branches) ask us to ship direct to their customer. So in this situation, being able to report/search the Ship To address would not help us identify all of a branches sales.


It would be better, as mentioned in many posts above, if branches could all be set up as separate cards but all financial information linked to a separate 'head office card' such that all accounting can be done using the head office card.


This would enable reporting for individual branches and faster searching to assist customer enquiries.


We definitely vote for this. When can MYOB implement this for us?

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Our business sells to a range of differnt stores with a number of branches around the country (more than 5). I regually get payments from the head office which has more than one branches payments on it.


When this happen I have to treat it as 'undeposited funds' and it becomes a bank deposit, which then I use the find feature etc. This is quite a round about way. If and when there is a problem eg wrong date, I have to undo the whole thing and start again.


If MYOB could have a head office card, with as many sub-cards as you need under it, all with their own details, then we could apply the one lump payment to several invoices from several branches.


If that is not an option, why can't bank feeds allow more than one card applied to a payment?


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YES!!! Please implement this idea!

I have trouble the time- especially now since Bank feeds only allows one card per payment! I we had a head office account and then the branches underneath, it would be awesome! Woman Happy

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Hi @Bellejayne

Thanks for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight program. I have shared it with the team.