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Card File: Ability to set head office cards/accounts

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One feature that is lacking from MYOB is the abillity to have a Head Office account so multiple customers can have their invoices combined onto one statement. 


for example one of our customers is a chain of hardware stores currently we use one account (ABC Hardware - head office)  to invoice the store in the PO# we put the PO # Town it would be much simpler if we could have an account for each store (much easier when looking at their history) that is then charged back to the Head Office account and will appear on one statement easily identified by our customer as PO # Town   Inv #


Hope this make sense Smiley Happy 


"Customer Cards - Head Office Accounts"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2014

Thanks for the idea MHS. I can certainly understand having the ability to link cards to a head office card could make reporting and invoicing an easier process. As Nic-Acc-addons mentioned there are some 3rd party programs that may suit your current requirements. To have this type of functionality added to the software, we would love to hear what other users think.

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As well as the Head Office issue, it would be good to be able to show relationships between customers.  For example, one person owns 3 different companies and these are all separate entities so billing is kept separate, but it would be good to see that they do have "a relationship" due to be being owned by the same person. 

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Hi @Jacqui_M


Thank you for your additional feedback in regards to this idea and voting for it. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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It would be great if we could have the ability to have the ability to set up Parent/Child cards - this would be similar to the ability that is currently in MYOB of setting up jobs and sub jobs.


We currently have individual suppliers that we order from but need to pay the Parent company. So we have individual orders under different names and ABNs to the Parent company. The inability to set up the supplier as Parent/Child makes this a difficult process.


This would work really well with Clients as well as Suppliers.


I would appreciate it if this could be considered.


Thanks Smiley Happy


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Yes We would benefit from this in our Customer base as some large companies pay several branch's invoices at once. Because was have them set up individually, reconcilling is a long process! PLease set up Parent/Child accounts Smiley Happy 

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Yep I've been wondering for years why MYOB don't add this function .  I've used it in other systems and it works really well from both an accounts and sales side of things.  The business I currently work with has quite a few clients that have mulitple retail outlets but Head Office want only 1 statement to pay from so we have only the one card and change the delivery addresses on each order.  Open to entry error re deliveries and it is difficult to get sales figures for the Reps for the individual stores.  We basically have to dump all of the sales out for that client and then manually split them according to the delivery address.  Very old school!   Please MYOB look at this one seriously as I'm sure it's a feature a large number of your users can use.

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Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea

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It would be good if the address label could be edited, instead of being locked as Address 1   &  2 etc and you could change it to suburb if the company had more than one address.


It would also be helpful if you could extend it from 5 to unlimited so that you could add all locations as places like heatleys Atom blackwoods have quite a few and some are national so you could just add the new location as requried.

But as most of these companies only pay from head office then they will get one statement that can list each location.


Now I have to send each location to excel to combine them and send them as one statement when they are all separate card files as MYOB only has room for 5 address's.


Surely I am not the only that could combine 14 card files and send out one statement for all the locations to their head office ?


Many Thanks Deb

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This feature would be fabulous!  We have large corporate and government clients and many of them require their invoices to be emailed to a particular department or project (in some cases there are 20 or 30 of these).  Each departments or project will usually have different invoicing requirements and different contact people.  The payments, however come from one source.  Using different shipping addresses does not handle this.  We currently have to manually manage this and it is extremely time consuming and open to human error.


In a perfect world it would be great to have the ability to create a different card for each project but to link it to the main card for statements, allocation of payments and general reporting.

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Hi @DebbieG,


Thank you for your suggestion, a similar idea has been suggested and received some attention, therefore I've merged your idea here. 


We would love to hear what other users think about this idea as well. 

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Has this multi-branch solution been implemented to MYOB yet?? Surely there must be some Developer options to do this by now??


Having multiple Debtors and Creditors amongst different branches yet 1 Head Office is a nightmare to reconcile...


What is the ETA for this?