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Card File: Change labels of fields i.e. Phone #1 to Mobile Phone

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With the advent of Superstream, we have found that MYOB pulls telephone details from the card files that doesn't always match the corresponding label in the superannuation file to be uploaded.


It would be good if you could name the Card Profile Labels, e.g. Phone#1 to Home Ph, Phone#2 to Mobile Ph and Phone#3 to Work Ph so that no-one could enter the wrong number into the wrong field.


Is there currently a way to do this, as I cannot find one? Thank you!

"Customise Card Profile Labels"

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It would very useful to change the labels for both Suppliers and Customers as we have different phone, fax and emails for our Sales team and Accounts to contact:

Suppliers: Orders Phone, Orders Email, Accounts Phone, Accounts Email.

Customers: Sales Phone, Sales Email, Accounts Phone, Accounts Email, Statement Email.


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There are some  minor changes I would love to see on the MYOB customer cards to make life MUCH easier for Addon Developers (esp with CRM) and mail merge for users:

1. First and last Names on a Company Card: On a Company card, you still use the fields “Contact” and “Salutation”. It becomes very difficult, and at times nigh on impossible, to develop formulas to map a first name and a surname consistently. Is there any way these 2 field names could be changed to “First Name” and “Last Name” as you already use in your Individual cards? We took the approach that a customer used “Salutation” for first name, and “Contact” for last name, and then mapped those fields accordingly. However, it always meant a client had to export out and clean up their existing MYOB card data to suit. Other developers try splitting the “Contact” field and mapping the last word to the surname, the rest of the words to the First name – but many of your users may just have a first name, or multiple names. It could be so very easily resolved by simply changing your existing field names.

2. Have a Mobile phone field: A number of Developers provide text messaging. However, with your current set up of “Phone #1”, “Phone #2” and “Phone# 3”, MYOB users never enter a mobile number in a consistent field. Could one of these fields be called “Mobile”? It would make life so very much easier and keep more consistent data. We used to tell users to use “Phone #3” for the mobile field – but once again, they would have to export out and change in Excel.

3. Replacing a field with blank when importing to update: This has caused countless issues over the years – even if a client exports out their customer card information and cleans up/standardises in Excel to import back in to update their existing records, they cannot replace a cell with empty information – ie delete the info. If they do, that field still retains the old info. Really annoying when trying to clean up and standardise information fields. You have always had this ability within Retail Manager, but never within MYOB. It would make life so much easier.

I know others have been frustrated with the above - and they are standard conventions with most other software


Cathy Allington