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Card File: Designation default to be Individual not Company

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Most of our Customers are individual so everytime I create a new customer (multiple times a day) I have to manually change the Designation. An opportunity to set Individual as the default would be an advantage


"Re: Change from Company to Individual as default on Customer card information"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: May 2015

Hi @WattsBros

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and card designation. 

Currently the AccountRight 201x program will default to Company. I would encourage users that would like to see the last remember setting or always default to Individual to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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I can't support this enough!!  Allow US to set the default designation in the New Customer Card screen, not MYOB. 99% of our customers are individuals and changing this EVERY time is soooooo much of a time waster.

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Absolutely agree. What was MYOB thinking setting the Default to Company without allowance for changing this to Individual. I hope MYOB can ONE DAY listen to their customers and make this a reality. Surely it's not too difficult for a company that happily charges rather hefty annual fee increases... 

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I support this 100% as well. 

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This was suggested 3 years ago, why has nothing been done about it?

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Would be great if you could Change from company to Individual as default on Customer card information

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Please make a selection for card default from Company to Individual in the system selection.


Most of my clients have Sales to Individuals and this is very timing consuming changing every sale.

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Why has this feature still not been added?

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This request has been open for a long time, is MYOB ever going to address it, this is a major fault in the current version, since all of our clients are indivduales, not companies.


Tom Hatfield

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I agree that it would be helpful to designate either company or individual when setting up the Company file or being able to change the default after setup.  I note that this was raised in 2015 but it is still defaulting to Company in 2020.  Are there any plans to change this?  Thank you.

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It would save me many hours is we could set defaults for creating a new customer card.  About 95% of our customers are individuals, yet the current default is Company, so each new card has to be manually changed.  On the Selling Details tab, we always use the same Printed Form and Sale Comment - so I have to manually select these for every new customer.  Also, on the History tab it would save a lot of time if the Customer Since could default to "today." We have 2,500 customers and I have to create 10-20 new cards per day.