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Card File: Employee card - Ability to attach (PDF) file

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Could we have the ability to attach PDF Files (similar to attaching a photo) to the Employee Card. In our industry we need to have things like National Police Check, Working with Children Cards ect kept on file at all times, keeping a PDF File on the employee card would help a great deal.


"Attaching PDF File to Employee Card"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2013

thx nswsatrznurses and all of you who have voted. We see this and attaching PDF's to transactions as important features.

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Fully support this idea - would be useful for storing performance appraisals , training records, etc. Keep it simple - upload a PDF, add a comment, list by date (newest to oldest).

It appears to have been around for some time so surprised it hasn't been actioned previously.


Paul Lockwood 

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Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1, you can upload documents and attach these to your cards. For more information on this feature and other changes do please see AccountRight 2018.4.1 now available.