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Card File: Searching by street address

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New Zealand

We used to search cards by street address in v19.5 and no longer can on v2013 which we have just upgradedf to.

This is extremely frustrating as we relied heavily on it.

Please give this back to us asap

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you all for your comments and voting for this particular idea.

I'm pleased to announce that with AccountRight 2016.3 an exciting new search feature for Cards has been introduced. This allows for the user to search the Card List window by street address, phone number, state and other fields (40+)

You can find out more information about this feature and how to obtain the update on AccountRight 2016.3 now available.

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Please can we have the facility to search by address?

As a local tradie the postcode search is no good as hundreds of addresses get brought up for the same area.

It’s frustrating because the guys know we've been there before so don’t worry about things like surnames and now i am unable to locate the customers details. I’m sure i could in my old version.





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I agree 100%. This function was available in Premier. We just upgraded to AccountRight Live and we were promised no reduced functionality. But this is a real annoyance to us.
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be able to seach card file with address, you could do this in a few versions before, but now cant.

Be more user friendly when searching

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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MYOB Moderator
Thank you again for your feedback. Some of the search options for your Cards have not been brought across with the new version. We are happy to look into adding these in again, to see the demand for this it would be great to see some votes on the idea.
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I too would like this back - I used to search phone numbers all the time - the 19.x options of searching different fields was great. Please bring this back.

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the more options for search the better - this sounds like a great idea though I didn't use it in the past 

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I would also like to see the search by address feature returned as like Elaine we run a trades based business and are often given job sheets with incomplete name and address details.



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I used to use the address search all the time too. I find it extremely annoying it is not in this version. If there were not other improvements that outweigh the frustration of this flaw I would have reverted back to a 19.x version.

To get around it for the time being I have exported the address list report to excel and use excel to search through it.

And yes I agree with XLNT......The more options for searching and filtering the better and I don't understand why MYOB has opted to regress.

Ultimate Partner jenniek
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Can we please search by contact name too - great when you know the person but not their company name. I's almost impossible to search for this in 2013.

Ultimate Partner BooksInTheCloud
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In summary ability to search:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Contact Name
  • Telephone number
  • Postcode - think you can already do this

If MYOB could get the new <Control, Shift, F> function to search for these details as well it would be a lifesaver.