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Card File: Searching by street address

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New Zealand

We used to search cards by street address in v19.5 and no longer can on v2013 which we have just upgradedf to.

This is extremely frustrating as we relied heavily on it.

Please give this back to us asap

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you all for your comments and voting for this particular idea.

I'm pleased to announce that with AccountRight 2016.3 an exciting new search feature for Cards has been introduced. This allows for the user to search the Card List window by street address, phone number, state and other fields (40+)

You can find out more information about this feature and how to obtain the update on AccountRight 2016.3 now available.

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Very frustrating to not be able to search an address.  We also rely heavily on this function due to homes being sold but our product still there.  Please bring it back urgently.

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It would be great to be able to search for either suppliers or customers in a particular suburb. So we can see how much work we have done in that area and also when you haven't dealt with a client for sometime, you can recall this information this easily.

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Perhaps you may like to look at Identifiers to 26 post codes or groups of Postcodes in your working range.



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Yes we would also like this capability, it was an extrememly useful tool.

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Thank you @JulieQair and @kerry1410 for your comments and votes. I suggest any one else out there that would like this functionally please comment and vote. 


Kind regards,



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yes would like address search.

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It would be great if we could have this functionality back. Our business heavily relies on it and I have to keep opening our old MYOB to search for clients. The usefullness of this will significantly decrease as any new clients will not be in the old system and it is insane to keep two MYOB card list up to date...who has time for that??


We really need the updates to made soon or will have to look using a different product in the future - really not something we want to do.

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Hi @Homelife and @mryuppy


Thank you both for your feedback. I have shared it with the team.

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Aboslutely agree, really need to be able to search for our customers via their address, phone number etc - Accountright 2015.2 seem to only allow searching through the name - this is really cumbersome.    Please advise on how you are progressing with bringing this feature back.  Thank you!


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Thank you very much for your vote and comment @Coastalbooks


Searching by address would be a convenient option to have, I have shared your feedback with the relevant team for consideration.