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Cards: Ability to change card type ie. Customer to Supplier

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When entering data say via Spend Money in AccountRight Standard v19 (or less) you can create the card as you go.  I have inadvertently on a number of occasions created a customer card instead of a supplier card, and transactions have been allocated to the card over the years automatically. On occasions I have picked this up and have just change the card-type without a hitch BUT in the 2012 version this cannot be done. I have just picked up another card in my data file that has the incorrect card type but this field is now greyed out.  Can we please be able to alter this field again.


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Last Changed: November 2013

Thank you for your post and comments. I can understand the inability to change Card Types in the new AccountRight range can be frustrating. We request members to continue voting so our developers can see how many of you would like this change brought about.

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The ability to alter a customer from customer to supplier and vice versa would be very useful.

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Please implement this - would save lot's of rewor and duplicate cards, specially for people like me whose file is OLD and has years where simple mistakes like this hav come to haunt us!!

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I just had a similar thing where one of our cards was marked "employee" and when I was going to STP phase 2 it wouldnt let me go any further because this card had to have a birth date and starting date.  After contacting MYOB and nobody being able to help I just gave the card a birth date and start date to get by this issue.  Its wrong I know and hope it doesnt cause me any other problems.