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Cards: Add email address of general correspondence (different to invoice email address)

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We have a couple of customers that request we email their invoices to one email address, and general corospondence to another. Is there a possiblity to add these to a card file, instead of using the Address 1 / 2 method which does not explain what each email is a default for?

"Multiple email addresses for customers"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

 Thank you for your suggestion. Anyone who would like to have multiple labelled email addresses saved separate to card addresses, please cast your vote here.

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This gets more complicated with suppliers. With one wanting orders / remittance advices / general emails all sent to different addresses.

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Excellent idea as I have some customers who send the original invoice to the person who ordered the job but then the statements need to go elsewhere. This then takes the company longer to pay and I have to spend heaps fo time chasing people up for payment.

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Yes please as I have clients who want invoices emailed to more than 1 person in their company each month. Too difficult to change emails manually when you have lots going out in one go. 

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Yes I need to send invoices/ statements to many people in the same company and at the moment I have to copy and paste any extra email addresses. Very time consuming

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 Thank you for your suggestion. Anyone who would like to have multiple labelled email addresses saved separate to card addresses, please cast your vote here.

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We also have customers that require invoices to be sent to one address, and statements to another.  This extra functionality within MYOB would be extremely useful.

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Excellent idea! Would really appreciate this feature

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Sending out invoices/statements to the right person is tricky when you don't have the option of entering various department emails in the Contact card.  Often invoices go directly to the salesperson etc but a copy has to go to the admin/purchasing area which is a different person.  The card profile doesn't allow for a title/position etc for clear recognition of a persons role(being the correct contact etc).  The card file doesn't allow you keep the email records sorted and it is only when you get to the email invoice stage that you have the option to chose.

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Hi @Triggs


Thank you for your enquiry

AccountRight does allow multiple email address's and contact information to be added to a card. This can be done via Card File>>Cards Lists>>Selecting the required card>>Selecting the location on the left hand side. You can then drop that down and select multiple locations and add in contact information from each address. When you go to email that customer you can use the drop down next to the email address field to select the required email address.

Is that what you are after with your idea or are you thinking more about having a contact added to that list of email address so you can see what contact is linked to what email address?