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Cards: Customer - Different email address for invoices and statements

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We deal with a few large international companies who require invoices to go to one automated email address and statements to go to their accounts payable email address.

Can MYOB make an allowance in a future release to have a dedicated sales invoice email address and a dedicated statement email address.


"Being able to have different email addresses for sales invoices and statements"

Contributing User Sue_S
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2 email fields needed in customer card

Contributing User Sue_S
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My comment disappeared from my previous post. With the arrival of invoice-only email addresses, we need room on the customer card for the email to the office/admin person as well as the invoicing email. 

Experienced Cover User binholden
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I have the same issue with many of my account customers.

If you send the statements to the wrong address they will be ignored.

At the moment if you change the email address on 1 customer when emailing invoices, you can't change any more until you send and do it again.

This is also very infuriating.

Contributing Cover User sheza2
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I also need to send invoices and quotes to different email address.

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I would also like to be able to choose which email address invoice reminders are sent to. Currently they get sent to the warehouse along with the customer as distribution is handled offsite by a third party logistics company. Obviously the warehouse was not happy with this situation and so I have had to switch off this otherwise handy feature.