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Cards: Employee birthday notification





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Hi, Would be great if when you logged into MYOB it would tell you if someone has had a birthday.  ie a Juniors pay rate then needs to be changed.  Very frustration when you find out a staff member had a birthday a month agao and you need to then to a back pay for the increased rate of pay.


"employee birthday - PAY UPDATE"

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Can you please set up birthday reminders for employees?  



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Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find plenty of useful information.


Alerts arevery easy to setup providing you have setup the Preferences correctly.

First check that everywhere there is a Contact log in the preferences that the preference box is ticked this turns on the Contact logs.

Then open up the employee card. Go to Payroll Details tab down the left to Personal Details and make sure you write down the birthday date.

Now go to the Contact Log tab - down the bottom new log entry.

When the new Contact log Entry box opens record the Birthday in the Notes area as "Birthday 1/1/78" whatever the birthday is.

At the bottom there is a Recontact Date enter a date as many day in advance of the birthday as you want as an example 7 days "24/12/19" and record.


Birthday reminder.PNG

You will now get a remnder in the Contact Alert area of the To Do List on the 24/12/19.


You can also use the same system to remind you of Apprentice's year changes etc.



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I can see this would work for a year at a time, but its a bit of work for each employee and only works for one year. 

It would be great to simply have a reminder through payroll, like other software does (most have the option of a happy birthday on payslips also).  


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This would be really handy. We employee juniors and our award increases pay rates from under 16 up to 21years of age.

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Yes very frustrating and costly when a birthday missed on junior having to back pay