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Cash flow statement problem

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I have started with a blank chart of accounts in MYOB Business and am adding accounts. I had no problem with asset, liability and equity accounts, but find that for income and expense accounts I can't specify where cash transactions involving these accounts would appear in the cash flow statement. There are already some accounts included and these also do not have that field available. Does the program automatically classify these transactions as Operating or does the MYOB cash flow statement not include these transactions? 

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Hi @JudithMulley 


Thank you for your post. Categorising an account as a Cash Account will be based on how you set it up. If you find it confusing, you may rename an account with "Cash Account/Cash Bank Account". If you need further information on understanding how Cash Flow reports work, I recommend reaching out to your accountant. Here's a Help Article on Statement of Cash Flow report for additional information. 

Please feel free to post again on our AccountRight or MYOB Business board if you need further assistance.