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Changing to be printed or to be emailed default changes all invoices for customer including saved recurrings

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It's frustrating that when a customer requests to change from printed to emailed invoices, you have to go into their card file, change their default, then go to their saved recurrings and change them all manually.


Based on the setting in the card file, all invoices for that customer should be handled that way, including saved recurrings. If a change is made to the card file settings, the change is carried across to all invoices including saved recurrings.


If that isn't widely popular, maybe a pop up asking "Would you like to change all invoices for this card (including saved recurrings?".


This default change should also carry over to memos, saved recurring names/memos, address updates in invoices. Maybe if the card file name is placed anywhere like a memo, myob should recognise it and keep it updated if the card file name changes? Maybe if the card file is a field like in mail merge and the field can be used in the memo instead of just text?


Presently, each time we go to record a recurring sale, we have to select a different address then back to the same address so it refreshes any changes since the recurring was saved, update the memo of any card name changes, then go into the schedule settings and update the memo/name of any name changes, all just to keep any changes updated...