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Cheque numbers now outdated - perhaps needing a change?




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Considering Cheques are rarely used anymore, and are being phased out in Australia according to the banks, can we perhaps revamp the 'Cheque Number' field for Spend Money etc?


Most of my clients enter the method of payment here so they know where to look in their records.  For example, DD for Direct Debits (source docs bank statements and origianl contracts), EFT for Electronic payments that dont go through the .ABA files (source docs is the bank statements and receipts), BPAY for billers paid via this method, and CASHOUT if an owner has withdrawn funds form the bank.


I realise some use the cheque numbers as an ID for the transaction but the field seems almost redundant, especially if your using the attachments. 


Correspondingly, I think the Cheques being printed checkbox is also redundant.  Although you can default this to Already Printed, it still seems redundant in this day and age of electronic transfers.


Perhaps other MYOB users have a better idea to utilise this field?


Persoanlly, I would like to set it to be an automated text field where I can choose the default entry, perhaps to be made up of method of payment, date and a transaction ID EG EFT07032019-1, EFT07032019-2 etc for the day. 


I realise this wont warn me if I have paid the item twice, but to be honest, unless you are using a cheque book and ensuring your cheque numbers match your MYOB entry, the warning is redundant in most cases.  A more appropriate warning could be triggered if the card number, date and amount matched perhaps?


Just a thought.


Kind regards,


Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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Hello Nat @Nat_EziLedger 

I understand your feelings re the field "Cheque Number" but feel that MYOB should simply change Cheque # to read "Reference No."


 Many MYOB users make life hard for themselves, by changing the Cheque #  field to EFT etc. This means that you have to change the entry in perhaps 99% of transactions that you do.

I always get my clients to ignore the fact that the field name says 'Cheque No" and instead consider that it is a transaction reference number, and just let the number increment as it wants to.

When there is an actual physical cheque to be entered then instead of the auto number manually enter CH12345 with 12345 as the actual cheque #. The prefix CH will stop the system from incrementing. In this way you only need to make a change for perhaps 1% of your transactions.

If you do want to have a note that it was EFT or BPay then add this to the memo line instead, but actually I would not worry.

The other great benefit in doing this is that each transaction has a different and unique reference #. Would you want all your invoices to not have a distinctive invoice # and for them all to have "INV" ?


I find it very frustrating when reviewing a client file and trying to find a single transaction when they all have a reference EFT (or BS - bank statement or PAY - payroll payments, or V - Visa or BP - Bpay) when there are a number with the same amount or memo etc. It makes it difficult to find the right transaction to review or edit without having to open them all. This is the real time looser! I usually manually change the first transaction to something like 10001, away from the current cheque series and let the system go from there. Try it - it will save you a lot of time & effort. Perhaps in a future release MYOB will change the designation of this field from'Cheque No' to something like 'Payment Ref' so that users do not feel the need to always change it, after all I agree that cheques are a dying means of paying others, and the banks are discouraging it. I hope that this helps.




Partner Nat_EziLedger
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Hi @David_Cree ,


I completely agree with you! I belive it should just be treated as a reference number too so that it can be identified when reveiwing.

I think everyone has found a way to use this redundant field that suits them, but rarely is it used as it was intended to in the beginning!  It just stands out as a field that definately needs some updating, or as you said, just change the name to Payment Ref :-)


Am hoping MYOB remove the 'Cheque' from their vocabulary soon.


Thanks for the input,



Contributing Cover User sheza2
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Concur - this option is outdated.  ALL our transactions are online.  NO cheques at all.

I mentioned this a long long time ago.

Experienced Cover User JackieW
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We still need to retain the cheque number option as I have a client who writes numerous cheques per week due to the nature of their business.  We are steadily reducing the number of cheques they use but they will always need to use some.

Contributing Cover User sheza2
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Our payments are a mix of EFT, Debit Card and online bank.  NO cheques at all so I too agree with Nat re the text field



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Another great idea which will unfortunately be ignored by MYOB.  Still waiting for a fix for a suggestion from 5 years ago and over 13 pages of support to get done.  Seems they are so busy developing "new" ideas rather than looking at fixing existing issues.

Contributing Cover User Michelle_L_H
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I also personally would like to set it to be an automated text field where I can choose the default entry, perhaps to be made up of method of payment, date and a transaction ID number.  For myself however, I would set it up in this numerical order starting with the financial year then the month and date.

EG: EFT20190731-1 than EFT20190731-2 etc for the day. This is how I file all my reports with this numerically order to the cloud as it is easy to find even two years down the track as it filed in the financial year first not the date.  

I also believe the system of the cheque numbers are totally outdated especially in the Spend Money and the Payroll ID.