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Command Centre: Resize

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It would be great to have the ability to resize the Screens in AR 2011/2012.


For a start the ability to resize the Command Centre would be of great benefit particularly when using the product on a netbook/laptop.


"Screen Resize'

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

We understand this issue - if people can vote it will help us understand how much people encounter this problem and need it to be fixed.

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Hi Tony, what resolutions are you using with Huxley? We currently have a minimum of 1024x768. Most notebooks are below that - what are you using? What have you seen out there? We try to have screens that have a balance between content and whitespace. We have tried to have a modern and contemporary feel to the screens. While most of the grids resize, there are some like command centre that don't. So what is the minimum it should render to?
Former Staff Mark_Smith
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I'm going to take this as a couple of things:

  1. Small form factor: Some of the atom based netbooks have low resolutions
  2.  DPI Aware: handling 150% setting.

Please vote and let's see this one move. We think it's an issue we need to solve as hardware out there is becoming more diverse in nature.

Former Staff Mark_Smith
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We understand this issue - if people can vote it will help us understand how much people encounter this problem and need it to be fixed.
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We are unable to resize any windows, or font. 

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This is a problem not just with the Command Centre but in fact the Preference 'Save window sizes and Locations " does not work.

Even with the preference set the windows still will not open in the same position every time.



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I am wondering why the  availability of changing the Font and Size of the Purchses/Sales windows has changed since the update to Accountright 2011.

I wear glasses and since the last update from AR19 I can no longer see the writing without putting my face close to the screen. Is there any possibility that this will be changed any time soon as my eyes get very sore from the strain. Changing the background colour of the line being used to something softer than bright purple would also be a great help.



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Hi, Yes please, the ability to resize each window horizontally is really important, especially as I often work in a vertically split screen, with other info open in a window beside it (as per dragging content off the screen till it auto resizes to 1/2 screen). It's odd that the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow, suggesting that it's possible to change the window in either direction horizontally, though it only works vertically. Cheers.
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Most of the new laptops and even desktops are HD now, and they have 125% set as thier default rather than 100%, it would be great if MYOB became compatible with this.

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yes please - my screen was so much easier to read at 125% - and that's with glasses on too!!

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Ditto above. I have someone using this on a laptop and she is unable to see the bottom of the screen which is really annoying.