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Command Centre: Resize

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It would be great to have the ability to resize the Screens in AR 2011/2012.


For a start the ability to resize the Command Centre would be of great benefit particularly when using the product on a netbook/laptop.


"Screen Resize'

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Last Changed: September 2012

We understand this issue - if people can vote it will help us understand how much people encounter this problem and need it to be fixed.

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This is a serious issue for us too. Our bookkeeper has a vision impairment and is unable to cope with the small text of the on-screen invoices, purchase orders, etc. Changing the Windows font scale mucks up other headings in MYOB.  She may take this up with the Disability Discrimination Commissioner!  If no answer forthcoming soon, we will certainly have to abandon the Live version. Please fix this urgently!

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Thanks for your feedback @ability4u, I have passed your comments onto the AccountRight Product Manager for his consideration.


All the best,

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I recently upgraded from AR Premier v19 and while I love most of the changes, I'd give them up ro the ability to re-size windows horizontally.  This loss of functionality is having an impact on the way I do my job... and I'm not happy.



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Hi @mac_user


Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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I have the latest versioin of Accountright Plus 2015.4.1, I also have a new laptop, Lenovo Thinkpad running Windows 10.  I tried all of your suggestions and nothing gives a satisfactory solution, still working on only about half the screen coverage. Can you please look into giving us a solution to setting our own screen and font sizes.

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Hi @PRrr

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

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We use MYOB AE at work and I have the same issue.

I couldnt find a forum discussing this issue with MYOB AE. 

I am constantly leaning forward to see the screen (creating neck issues I might add). I already wear glasses.

When i tried change the DPI to 125% on my computer it fixed the problem with everything else - and made it more readable in AE.. BUT the program didnt adjust and i lost access to all the drop down menus. which renders the program useless.


I can see this forum has been going a while...


we cant be the only disadvantage people.



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I'd give up if I were you - it's now August 25 2016 and the screen sizes are bigger now than in the previous versions - looks like the considered it and decided to go in the opposite direction. They design the software, they obviously don't use it for accounting.

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Give the product the ability to use the full width of the screen available. Ie, on a 1920x1080 screen, don't limit the "new sale" window to half of it. 

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With all previous versions it was possible to resize the Command and To Do List windows to fit onto a normal screen side by side. There is a lot of white space now surrounding the main body of the information which serves no purpose. It was also possibly to reduce other windows. 

I don't think the layout of any of the windows has been thought through. I think it would be a good idea for the designers to check out older versions.  It seems that space for information has not been prioritised eg in Sales - New Item, Salesperson, Comment, Ship via etc occupies more sdpace then the Description to be enterred on the invoice.