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Company Data Auditor: Account Reconciliation - Option to remove an account

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Could we please have the ability to remove an account from the reconciliation window in the data auditor.  I use this process regularly to see what accounts have and haven't been reconciled.  Unfortunately I have some clients that years and years ago once upon a time back in the dark ages, reconciled some of their P&L accounts which are no longer something I reconcile but they continue to come up in this screen which makes it less helpful.

If we could just have a remove from this window (similar to being able to remove a file from the open window) it would alleviate some headaches.


Thank you


"Remove Account from Reconciliation window in Company Data Auditor"

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Excellent idea!

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Hi, looking to post this in hope of action in future, or - if anyone knows on how to correct my problem, much appreciated.


I have inactive GL codes; everyone has inactive GL codes.


Is there a way to prevent these inactive GL codes coming thru to the Commany Auditor, Account Reconciliation list?  I am still having codes that were last reconciled in 2015 showing up on the list, it is cumbersome, time consuming and annoying.   


thanks all