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Conversion tool or service for AccountEdge 11 users wanting to migrate back to PC

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It seems a lot of AccountEdge 11 users have been caught short with the loss of cross platform compatibility between Mac and PC with the release of AccountEdge 11. Not all Accountants are members of the Partner Program and have to do accounts from Account Edge 11 reports rather than the data file.


My idea is this:


MYOB should provide a database conversion tool that can convert an AccountEdge 11 data file to an AccountingPlus 18 or 19 file.


Alternatively they should provide a data file conversion service to convert an AccountEdge 11 file to an AccountingPlus file. I for one would be more than happy to pay a fee for this kind of service.


AccountEdge 11 files are c-tree databases and AccountingPlus files are SQL databases. There are database conversion tools for this purpose (i.e.. Converting c-tree to SQL) but way beyond my computer skills and I imagine I am not alone here.


What do other AccountEdge 11 users feel?


Nick aka NHAM

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I have a client that currently has a subscription for AccountEdge V2016 as they use a Mac but the data file has not been upgraded and is still on AE V2013.


They would like to go to Accountright Live online and I understand that a migration of the data file may not be possible from Accountedge V2013 to Accountright Live 2017.1 as was advised to me from someone at MYOB support.


Are you able to assist with this request as there are say 3-4 users from different locations and they want to all be able to access the “one” live file and also have the benefit of bank feeds, pay super and in the future the One touch payroll feature?

Below is the response that I got from my MYOB partner manager which is not what I expected and does not suit what this client requires.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate a file from AccountEdge to AccountRight Live.


The only two ways around this are:


  1. Setting up a blank AccountRight Live file and manually entering in the data (I am assuming your client has a Windows computer available to use this on)
  2. Migrate the file to Essentials – this can be used on any device and will give the functionality your client requires.

I'm hoping that a migration tool exists for someone who basically wants to go from a current Accountedge (MAC) version to the AR Plus online (PC) version as to me this seems like a "basic" request which should be albe to be carried out.