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Date entry - format does not acept "/ "anymore. WHY CHANGE IT




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or . etc.

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Its so dumb isn't it?


+ That fact that when they made that STUPID change they didn't even apply it consistantly throughout the program. You can use slashes in the same NORMAL way in multiple diferent areas eg reports but not in the other areas that really count!

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Its because so much of the program is locked away from them to be able to modify it

I believe that they are unable to access the original coding to make basic changes to things such as screen sizes/layouts/text boxes from some of the early 1990 programming as you would think that it would be completely standardised as to how any particular feature works across the whole platform 

Even something as basic programming 101 would tell you to link the text box sizing in your onscreen layout to match the actual number of characters that you can enter into that field 

And just to add to my believe I have been told by one of the Moderators that none of the modules actually talk to one another on any level but the absolute minimum basic .

They were obviously written by many individuals without any real standardisation about how to do basic things such as dates, layouts, screen input sizing etc and so we have multiple mismatched separate entities that barely talk to one another masquerading as an integrated high end business platform that is at the cutting edge   Smiley Very HappySmiley Mad

But hey guess what  its not

have a look at the item fields Item Number, Name, Supplier Item Number Primary Supplier

They are pretty much unchanged from the Late 1990's and none of them match the field input size

I would have thought that over the last 20+ years that someone would have fixed it just for the sake of their own sense of workmanship in making the system better but oh no 

It has been brought to their attention many times and my only take on it is that they CAN'T because if there was any pride in workmanship it would be fixed 20 years ago