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Display: Increase font size

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might be ok for younger eye's, spare a thought for the older generation.

Why the hell has the ability to change fonts gone & window sizes. Now the only way to make this stupid program readable is to redoo the screen resolution,


Even MS excel has the ability to zoom, might be time to dump MYOB me thinks!!

"small fonts & window sizing"

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Last Changed: August 2012

Reading the thread I think what this idea is about is making MYOB DPI aware so that the default fonts are readable. Is that right? Could you all please vote on this feature so we can rate it's importance relative to others in the list?

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Hi Folks


What a hellish mess MYOB - with the huge resolution capabilities available nowadays to remove - font scaling from within V2014.


Oh dear me - and yet good ole faithfull V19.10 - no problem - install - open - and eveything perfect for the resolution set.


Please fix this most urgently MYOB. My eyesight is still good but this is just pushing it.


The Doc

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There doesn't seem to have been any bugs or features fixed since mid last year they have only focused on "new" features" so I wouldn't be too hopeful.

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Hi @The_Doc 

Thanks for the feedback I have shared your comments with the relevant team.

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Hi @Kelly81 

Thanks for your feedback 

However since mid June last year when AccountRight 2013.3 was release MYOB have released 6 updates to the program. While not every update has been designed to correct known issues or certain features there have been key releases to correct known issues in the program.

Such as the AccountRight 2014.4 has had significant work down on improving the performance, recurring transactions, time billing, reports and setup. For a full list of corrections made into the program do take a look at AccountRight 2014.4 is now available 


MYOB is investing $40 million in research and development this financial year and is committed to ongoing improvements to our flagship AccountRight software. 

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I am hoping this is the right place to post.


MYOB is basically unusable on my new laptop on native resolution (3200 x 1800).


The only solution seems to be to reduce the resolution when I have to use MYOB which is probably every second day.  


This is unbelievable for modern software.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi @Loop 

Thank you for your feedback.

Currently AccountRight 2014 will work with the Windows DPI setting 100 and 150%. This should in theory work with all screen resolutions, however I have seen some resolutions, especially larger one not correctly display or make it hard to read the data. This idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange has been suggested to increase the display setting to work with larger screen resolutions  and to work with larger DPI settings such as 200%.

For more information into changing the DPI settings please see Support Note: Display issues in the new AccountRight

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Unfortunately not being able to make the fonts [and by default, screen size bigger] makes this version a deal breaker for us. We can't proceed with this version until this is rectified. We'll be sticking with Account Right V19.



Sonia Murphy 

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Hi @Process26


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea I have shared it with the team.

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The MYOB on the cloud is still a poor performer time wise. From start up to an open screen took 9 seconds. ‘I opened an existing sales order, made a couple of changes and from hitting record/print, it took 14 seconds to get to the print screen. When changing screens it takes at best 1.5 seconds, but more often 3 seconds, and 5-6 seconds if opening a screen for the first time that day. Here’s the killer, I did a back up on Friday and it seemed to take an awfully long time, so today I opened up my pre update program (same size file as only one sale has been made in the new version) and did a backup, it took under 1 minute from closing to being backed up. I backed up the new software on the cloud version and it took a whopping 7 minutes! My accountant was here today and had done some work on the file on the weekend and she said the same thing, so it is not my system. I posted on the forum regarding the small fonts, being stuck with small fonts on my whole computer because MYOB have not written the program correctly is not acceptable. I wear prescription reading glasses, I had my screens set to large fonts so as to be able to see clearly. I’m now having to lean forward and squint to read anything on my computer. (I have large 19” monitors). I am very concerned with all of the poor quality programming issues of MYOB on the cloud. Please advise if all of this is able to be resolved immediately or not as I am hesitant to do much more in the way of entries if I am going to have repeat them and return to my old version. If these can not be resolved, I wish to discontinue my subscription to the current cloud version on the basis that none of these problems were in any of the MYOB information on buying the cloud version, therefore misrepresented. I can not imagine having to do business with this software the way it is, it really is slow and cumbersome and costs 30% more expensive than the support subscription I used to have.

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I've been using MYOB for around 2 years now and while (generally) I've found the transition from the accounting software I've had experience of has been quite intuitive there's one thing that drives me crazy about the software and that's  customisation options for the way it displays.  I don't like to have to change my screen resolution to make anything on screen readable to me, I much prefer that such options are available in the programs I'm using.  Something as simple as being able to change the font size would be excellent.  As it is I'm having to use magnification software just to use the program, which is not ideal and not good from a privacy perspective.


Please look at implementing some functionality options in your ucoming releases.