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Display: Increase font size

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might be ok for younger eye's, spare a thought for the older generation.

Why the hell has the ability to change fonts gone & window sizes. Now the only way to make this stupid program readable is to redoo the screen resolution,


Even MS excel has the ability to zoom, might be time to dump MYOB me thinks!!

"small fonts & window sizing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2012

Reading the thread I think what this idea is about is making MYOB DPI aware so that the default fonts are readable. Is that right? Could you all please vote on this feature so we can rate it's importance relative to others in the list?

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The ability to change the screen font size was one of the great things about the Classic MYOB versions. Changing the screen resolution to 125% is not a satisfactory solution as it messes up other software that is perfectly ok at !00%.

The current setup may be fine for those who still have a 14inch tube monitor, but technology has moved on and I do not want a tiny MYOB box in a corner of my 22 inch HD monitor. There is all that screen realestate. Let me use it and not have to go to the chemist for a pair of 4X magnifying glasses.

Cheers David

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Have to totally agree.  Too bad if you are short sighted.


I have also now found that by increasing the windows size in display, that you can't access the buttons at the bottom of the screen to record, and you can't scroll down to them.


Obviously this is not fully tested.  Terrible!!

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That's the benefit of UPGRADE - NOT! Smiley Sad

Found the same thing when upgraded one computer to the wonders of V2017.  Thats  2017 folks.

Frankly I couldn't cope - so reverted back to V19.4


... and I see that the original poster started this thread in 2011  and the same STILL applies. Obviously not a priority for the MYOB peope... and yet we are being FORCED BY DEFAULT  TO UPGRADE TO 2017 by the end of October'17 otherwise support for V19.4 Confirmation of Company will cease to exist.

You are indeed a digrace MYOB 

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I Agree, font size way too small, even the icons are too small, changing the lovely large print button/ send botton to this tiny thing up in the top left hand corner is just rediculous!  Also the colours are pale sickly wishy washy, hard to distinguish anything. 

Not happy with the visual of the new MYOB does not draw the eye to anything, margin for error has now increased twofold.  After doing the books all day I now have a wopper of a headache, ggggrrrrr !

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I would prefer to have a choice of default fonts, the new 2017.2 Version is particularly uncomfortable for eyes, especially the size of the font and the colour is not dark enough, you can tell which type of invoice etc. you are on but it is hard on the eyes.

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Upgraded from Version 19.14 to AccountRight 2018 and now the display for all windows is tiny.


No way to increase the size without adjusting screen resolution within the Windows settings 'control panel' which we don't want to do as it will mess up all other programs sizing.


Is this something you can update so that we have the choice to increase display size?


Very frustrted!!


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Its about time this problem is fixed.  As windows updates ocur and the native resolution of screens change as they improve together with the size of screen chosen for viewing, there is a need to have adjustment in a program to suit the user.  Changing the native resolution of the screen to suit different apss is not the answer.  Changing the native resolution can cause font blurring

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Definately need to be able to change the font sizes to make MYOB words more readable.  Checked with IT and unless I buy new bigger monitors the problem can't be rectified.  I have five people of different ages in the office and they are all having difficulty reading the screen.  I'll have people going out on workers compo needing reading glasses soon.   Even all our forms have been automatically changed to 8 font sizing so I had to spend more time customising them all.  Some people still print out invoices MYOB and 12 font has always been the desired sizing for reading. Very frustrating upgrade MYOB

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Please improve the readability of MYOB and bring back the ability to increase the font size.

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1. Question - Are we no longer able to increase the font size on reports in AR 2019.3  Cannot find it anywhere.  Used to be in preferences > windows/system in Premier


2.  Suggestion - When using bank feeds > transaction rules Is it possible at this point to have access to the recurring transactions that at already set up.

Would be much easier for loan repayments etc where the bank codes can differ each time a direct debit is made and therefore the transaction rule does not recognize it.