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Since purchasing my MS Surface Pro 2 tablet a few weeks ago, I have been grappling with the poor presentation from AR Live with the high resolution provide by default in Windows 8.1.


After many hours of testing various resolutions & DPI settings I have now been able to settle on a compromised Display setting of 130%. Anything smaller makes all fonts too small to read. If I use the default setting of 150% various input fields overlap which makes the software useless.


I would like to suggest with the growing use of mobile devices by businesses, MYOB upgrade AR Live to be able to handle the higher resolution now applying to many applications.  This should also include the ability to magnify any window as needed to be able to read on a tablet. I believe an Upgrade to 8.1 is due in early April which may only exacerbate the issue.


"AR Live for use on a Tablet using Windows 8.1 (MS Surface Pro 2)"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2015

We've made some great improvements to how AccountRight displays on tablets, as well as other high resolution displays in our 2015.4 update. We encourage anyone using a tablet or high resolution laptop to try out 2015.4. You can find out more about this and the other fantastic changes we've made on our AccountRight blog.

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HI @GazzaA With the release of AccountRight version 2013.3 we did increase the DPI settings of AccountRight to work with 125%. While you can use later versions with the setting of 150% some fields do overlap and certain options are missing. If you would like to see AccountRight work with 150% setting for Windows and tablets do please vote for this idea and comment if required.
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That's all well and good to be able to use 125% setting, however this still makes a touch screen very hard to use as the buttons are very small even using a stylus pen!!

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Even though this is an old topic I agree that there needs to be something done to make MYOB more touch friendly. I've just purchased a Surface Pro 3 and even though the screen is bigger, anything above 125% causes problems. Maybe instead of trying to fix the desktop version, MYOB focus on an app for Windows 8?

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I just purchased a Surface Pro 3 and the font and screen size is almost unreadable.. what is the latest on this issue. Please advise how I can get  this to a readable size

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Hi @AndreaPereira 

Thanks for your feedback in regards to AccountRight Live running on a Tablets in particular Microsoft Surface tablet. I have shared them with the team.

Currently the workaround as mentioned is to either change the Display settings to be 130% or change the DPI settings to be 150%. Please note that at 150% DPI the display of AccountRight can make certain screens incorrectly as it hasn't been optimised for it.

If you would like AccountRight work with 150% setting for Windows and tablets I would recommend showing your support by voting for this idea. You can vote for an idea on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange using the + Vote button.

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Simple solution to fix the display problem on Surface Pro 3 for AR Live 2014.4


Due to the current display issues and user complaints on the Surface Pro 3 I recommend this simple solution:


Get in to the main Windows screen.

Right click on the main Windows screen.

Go to screen resolution.

Leave reolution at the recommended "2160X1440".

Click on "make text and other items larger or smaller".

Tick on "custom" and make it 170%.

See below where it says "change the text size only".

Change the font to 11 for each one of the 5 categories from titlebars to tooltips.

Do not forget to click Apply.

The system will log off.

Log on.

Open Myob.

The open files and the main menu will still look tiny.

My Surface takes 2-3 minutes (and perhaps more) for Myob to display correctly.

When it displays correctly and when you exit Myob and open again, the open files and the main menu will look proper.

When you restart the Surface and open Myob, everything is small again. Just wait as mentioned before and everything will come good. You can work if you like if it's not too small for you. During the waiting period you will notice Myob will change in 3 stages before it looks proper. 


First the main menu 

Secondly the menu drops, account details and reports 

Finally the client name (looks half) which sits in the top middle of the main menu


The 170% and 11 font configuration works best, in my opinion, for the 12 inch tablet.

Windows, Office, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, DropBox, Adobe Pro, One Note, IE, Chrome, FireFox, TeamViewer, all seem to not being affected.


I recommend to never change the default resolution 2160X1440.

In my opinion, the Surface Pro 3 is a great laptop/tablet currently in the market for price and features.

When I was doing the research, I was worried it would be too small to work.

It has proved to be great so far.

The Lenovo X1 (the thinnest/lightest ever 14 inch) is my all time favourite followed by the Yoga 3 (13 inch) but due to lack of an active digitiser, I chose the Surface 3. 



Athan Tsamouras

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Hi @Atlas 

Thanks for your brilliant feedback and sharing your experiences in regards to AccountRight working on Surface Pro. I trust that other users will find them informative and instructive.

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I have just purchased the latest go fast Dell XPS 15 laptop with a 3840 x 2160 pixel touch screen & the only way I can use AccountRight  2015.2 is to reduce the dpi to 1920 x 1080 then make the size the smallest setting possible which stops the overlay & makes the text very small to read. until I put the settings back to where they were originally some other programs on my computer are not usable as the font size is way to big. This problem needs a fix as these screen sizes are becoming the norm & if I had known this problem existed with this software I would not of upgraded my MYOB.

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Hello @nottecsavvy


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight being able to run on a tablet or a high resolution screen. I have sheared your comments with the team.

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I am surrprised tonsee that MYOB is not on top of this yet!!  The Surface pro3 is the most fantastic invention for using all your normal programs going out to clients without having to drag a heavy laptop around!  So please Myob, get cracking - yours is the only program that does not display properly, all other programs are fine. (Also non Microsoft ones...)

The workarounds do NOT always work!


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