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Email: Ability to generate mail merged emails

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We'd like to set up a reminder letter for overdue accounts, but would prefer to 'mail merge' within an email (as opposed to a word attachment).


Is it possible? We are on Accountright 2013 Live Accounts.


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'Mail Merge for emails"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2014

Thanks for your excellent suggestion. I can certainly see how the 'create personalised letters' function would be much more useful if the letters created could be emails. Could anyone who would like to see this feature in future updates, please cast there votes here.

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Great idea, would love this as well. I understand some other accounting software companies offer this, would be amazing if MYOB would do the same. Smiley Happy

Experienced Partner Thomo_K
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I agree there needs to be more email functionality in regards to letters and reminders. We do not post anything so I am having to export out email addresses and then copy & paste into outlook.

Partner manning
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It would be great to be able to group email cards.  For example I am going on holidays and want to let a clients suppliers that there wont be any account payments done until I return.  It would be nice to tick on all suppliers and send the same email to each client through MYOB live.

Experienced Partner Stephen_Blackt
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Yes I to would really like to see email & sms option in place of the old word.doc mail merge. The fact that the card files have customer lists & custom fields allows for some very creative use of these fields for email &/or sms messages. This is an area that MYOB AR already has which sets it apart from Xero & QB online, it is one which is crying out for development and exploitation.

I would like to be remind customers that they are due for a new appointment using email/sms, this would be great for any business who provides recurring services which may be a longish time period between appointments eg motor mechanics for annual rego checks or car servcing. Bookeepers who provide year end services to certain clients. etc.

A further enhancement would be to to allow a customer to book themselves in for the next appointment, along the lines of Timely. Whether using this software or one developed by MYOB where a customer could book an appointment which adds a sales order into the system. Plus plus plus there are many  more enhacements along these lines which would really set MYOB AR apart from the others.


Experienced Partner Stephen_Blackt
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It's time to allow personalised Letters to be Emailed rather than using the mail merge to a Word document. Who uses snail mail these days?  Email merge along with the Custom Fields & Custom Lists will allow us to contact various groups of Customers with a standard email message, this would be greatly improve our ability to carryout marketing & promotions of our business. eg a hairdresser who wishes to send a birthday message to their clients along with a invitation to have a glass of champagne when they have their next visit, or a motor mechanic who wishes to send a reminder about their clients next registration check or car service. etc etc

This function would set MYOB well above the rest of the bunch. The other software don't have any additional fields in their customer list to categorise the customer, let alone do any sort of mail/email merge.


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I cannot believe there is no function to be able to email all customers a standard letter.  Get your act together MYOB.  

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Post is from 2013. Is automated re-sending of overdue invoices now available?


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MYOB Moderator Glen_H
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Are we able to get a 'mail merge' option within the Cards command centre itself (as an example) so that you can send emails from AccountRight directly to Outlook itself without having to manually export out all the information which can be very hard for some people for differing reasons.


You could send emails to customers, suppliers, etc (or a sub-section of them) directly. The emailing facility is already in the software. You would have the option of using one of the word templates as well as being able to add an attachment (or more).


While this is technically not an 'accounting software' request, this could save a lot of time for people, and I spoke to a client last week who said he would buy the software just for this reason.

Experienced User kno
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On similar line I was looking for an email merge that i coild send to people that had bought product previously that new swason product now available.

I could not even find a way if listing the emails  of customers with a specific identifier