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Email: Ability to use Mozilla Thunderbird

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Previous version of MYOB AccountRight 19.9 had support for default email clients/third party email clients (eg. Mozilla Thunderbird).

We have two computers here who both need access to the company file and ability to send quotes/invoices by email. On the previous version, this worked fine. On upgrade to AccountRight 2019.2, one computer kept the ability to send via Mozilla Thunderbird, the other lost it. On discussion with technical assistance, they cannot assist us returning the ability to send via Mozilla Thunderbird. Please please please reinstate this ability in the next update. Please keep us apprised of the timeline.


NB. We have always used Mozilla Thunderbird. We do not have and never have used Microsoft Outlook. Removing the ability to use the default email client is detrimental to the MYOB experience.


"Support for third party email clients"

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It would be great if I could use Outlook as the email host and still be able to use the pay direct function. Currently I have to use MYOB as the email host and cannot see any of the text in sent emails.